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Jun 26, 2008

Code Geass R2 Preview

Turn 2 - Japan Independence Plan!!

Lelouch was regain his memory as zero, and also his Geass... Then he told how he can implanted a fake memory like that.

When Lelouh and Suzaku were faced and fought, With Suzaku's physical's ability, he could win againts Lelouch and take him down. Suzaku took Lelouch to the Emperor of Britannian, Lelouch' Father, Charles Vi Britannia. Suzaku wanna prize with his honor to capture Zero, he wanna the Emperor to make him as a Knight Round, the army that served the Emperor, with selling Zero to him. The Emperor accepted and he asked Suzaku to cover Lelouch's Geass. Suddenly!! The emperor show his Geass in his both eyes!! (What Thee....!!) With his Geass, He erase Lelouch's memory upon his mother, Nunally, and also his self as a Zero. The Emperor also implanted fake memory upon Lelouch....

Lelouch Face Suzaku!Photobucket

Lelouch was downPhotobucket

Lelouch was sent to the EmperorPhotobucket

WTH is this!!??Photobucket



So, all of the confusion was revealed. Then, Lelouch aware, that He had no brother, but Sister. So, Rolo just his fake brother.

In other situatuon.. The fight between the Britannian Army and the Order Of the Black Knight was still Hot!! With the return of Zero, The Black Knight gain their power again... And with Zero's Strategy. They could take the britannian army down one by one...

The place was chenge to the Emperor's Palace.. There, he walked with Suzaku and brought him to a place that he said to be the weapon to overthrow the Gods!! :o The weapon was Called by Sword of Akasha...

The background comes again to the Lelouch side... He met up with Kallen and they talked about Kallen's believe in Zero. Then,the reinforcement from the governor Careses came. But unfortunatelly, it was as accurate, as Lelouch had tought before... All was in Lelouch plan,strategy, and he was believe that it would be his WiN, whether Britannian Army was blocked them in every way...

Hy Kallen ^^Photobucket

The Confused Kallen.. (looks Cute..^^)Photobucket

May da.. MAy Day.. Enemy is every where...Photobucket

But it came far to Lelouch plan when his army was taken down one by one.. by only one Knightmare!! It wasn't Lancelot but a new Knigtmare, It could move so fast that it could defeat the Black Knight army and fierce at Zero place, to kill him... But of course, Urabe and Kalle n protect him. But with it fast move ability, it could go trought Kallen and Urabe and face Zero. When it wanted to slice Zer, Urabe ame and save him... To overcome the iregular Knghtmare like it, he did self destruct!! unfortunatelly, with its fast move It can esape from the explotion. The time had come, Zero's Plan had finished. He explode the half of the Babel tower. and make escape to the other side. The enemy was colapsed and the Governoor Careses also defeated, and Die...It was all in Lelouch plan to explode the Tower, and down to the Governor Careses's place.

Lelouch' PlanPhotobucket

The Irregular Knighmare!Photobucket

It ActS!Photobucket

Wanna Moves??Photobucket

WTH!! It Very Fast!!Photobucket

Urabe Fight With The irregular to save ZEro Photobucket

Plan.. Activate!!Photobucket

Blaar!! The Tower Was Explode!!Photobucket

Poor Careses... He die not peace.. :DPhotobucket

Yaaaayyy!! Lelouch Cooll!! XD Photobucket

Then, the command taken by someone, with the Name of Princces Cornelia.. But Suddenly, Zero appeared at the Television and made a sudden surprise to all people that thought that Zero was Die.!! He did a speech and show that he still alive...
The government would abort the broadcast, but it useless.

He takes The Comand... X( Photobucket

Zero shown in TV!! Watch it !! XDPhotobucket

The Knight RoundsPhotobucket


The Reality that Zero made his Speech at the Chinese Union Palace and coorporate with them! Xing Ke was realize that it's not like Tian ZI,,, The Chinesse Unon Emperor's will to help Zero like this... Bu likely, Emperor Tian Zi was used by Zero with his Geass!!

Chinese PalacePhotobucket

Tian ZI (right) Xing Ke( Left) and Kallen,,,Photobucket

It's Geass' Effect!! Isn't it!??Photobucket

The Britannian Army forced to enter Chinesse Union Palace, bt of course, it's blocked in purpose, it's their Territory. Then, they head back... But then, the irregular Knightmare was coming and the Pilot show his face !! It was Rollo!!! Lelouch's fake Brother!!! :o He faced Xing Ke and force to enter there and planning to kill Zero,, And He use His Geass!!!

Someone's coming from Iregular Knightmare!Photobucket

Rollo Has Geass??!!Photobucket

What on earth was it??!! How could Rollo had a Geass!!??
The Episode continued to the next TURN!!! :)


  1. Yoh Sandy-kun! yeah i'm a diehard code geass lover. XD

    But turn two? its already way further now..

  2. YOyoYO!!! I'm CG freakers too!! X)

    yeaahh.. i see.. i see... I already had watched all of it all the way..But why just still in Turn 2??
    1. I just wanna introduce CG for them who doesn't know what is CG really is... So tha.. I get them reviewed from the scratch...

    2. I just wanna share to them who is CG season 1 luvers but they can't watch it in their country, or they cant download it by the reason of the lack bandwidth or slow speed..Especially in Indonesia.. The internet speed was so sloow.. And i know,, There are many CG luvers too here, but they can't watch it coz of those several reasons...

    3. I just get busy this lately week, cos i have to join a test to enter faculty... Ago, i just planned to review them all and then publish them here... instanlly but i cannot because of that reason.. ^^

    Maybe after the test or maybe this week.. i would like to review the latest CG turn.. R2.. episode 12...

    Thanx for visiting and commenting.. ^^ pleasse come again.. ^^

  3. Ha-ha... Post from abroad, heh San?

  4. What do you mean by post from abroad??? :t


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