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May 16, 2009

I'm Not Dead yet, Pals ! ! Not for nauuu!!! :3

So LOOOOOOOONG TIME i've leave this blog already and do no post.. But, LOL. There's still 1 or 2 commentor here.. :p
Nice, i think, tough i have absent from this blog for long time, isn't it.. I think it's already 6 month??? haha


I barely remember that actually. OH damn, i barely remmember what had i wrote here! XD

So sorry for leaving this blog long ago. I mean, I'm not leaving this blog, but my bussines in real world make me hard to touch in in this Weird blog.. :D And yess.. It's all bcoz that damn crazy medical college that is seems harder and bussier each days and also my 'Real bussiness' In the real world.

That made me so hard to write something in this blog...Lazy i think. Becoz i myself have to wrote 2 or 3 polio pages of my assignment each 2 or 3 days! Haaaaa... that things already made me bussy to write something on the paper... but well... I'm trying again now...

I hope all my blogger friends, still recognize me, since maybe i'm becoming older n forgotten, LOL
I hope not! >.<

Seeing so many people had started blogging in this years, i personally be pesimistic with my performance of blogging. Maybe there'd less people coming here, not as much as yesterday...
Oh yesterday.. come suddenly... LOL 

Okey then....
All i want to say is that..

I'm not dead yet pals! :D
S is back now!

It's Bokeh!

Let's review one or 2 anime once again. this Spring 09Anime is sure so amazing!!! :D

Anyway, thanks for u who still read this blog.. :)
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Dec 17, 2008

Heroes Season 3 - First Note

It was a long time since the second season of Heroes was ever done. Right now, they're airing the 3rd season of this sequel. Yeah, not anymore this time, but i hope there'll be a bunch of them in the next next month. And yess,, I hope they'd be more tricky episode and an unbelievable heroes and also the villains.

Recently, i just watching Heroes Season 3. Finally, yeah, finally.
All i can say is that this season was surely amazing. It didn't regret me at all. All the surprisse was really covered well and unpredictable. From the betrayal of Hiro Nakamura that was soooo damn tricky, to the "truth" that Sylar (or his weak name, Gabriel) is one of Petrelly Family and also Peter's brother. Wait. do they alike? Or does Sylar comes from different father? lol

 Twin??? Doubt No! XD

I won't give the spoiler (for you who hadn't watch it yet) this time, I'll do it as soon as i watch the last episode in this season. Yeah! that seems so fast for me that Heroes was ending this season in a ashort-13-episodes.

Well, though there are a short, but it not a trainwreck. All that i can say that, watch it now! Or you'll be in despair.. :p

So, what do you think of Heroes in this season??

Have you watch it??

Some Screencaps. Skip it if you don't want to be spoiled...

All that i can shout is "daaammmnn! Peter lose his power!!!"

Awww!! That Must be Hurt!!! 
She's so cuteee
I fell in love with Her! Lol
Sylar Gone Crazy...

So he eats "cake".. Mm....
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Dec 16, 2008

Bush in shoe attack!

Well, this is a common issue that maybe all of you had heard about.
Bush in a shoes attack.
The words that tingling in my head while i just hear that news is "What the Hell"!!!?

"Bush in shoes attack" was really a surprise for me. For my whole life ( if i just ever live!) this thing was the weirdest thing i ever  heard from the government state.Emmhh.. I think. Well, at least there was a similar thing happen here, in Indonesia. A "flying chair" that happen in the middle of the meeting of the central government.

Matrix Pictures, Images and Photos
But hey! "Bush in shoes attack" is way more amazing! I just didn't realize that Bush can do that matrix-ing thing! lol. So, he really is a guy that comes from the matrix world, huh?!

But the thing that makes no sense is that he can dodge it. If only he got that bump, it will be a big news all over the world, and there'll be a good history for that journalist! lol

Yeaahhh... Lucky Bush.
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Dec 13, 2008

Marrying a Robot, u say?!!

I just surprised to hear that there was a man who relying his money and energy to marry a robot. Yeahhh.. MARRYING A ROBOT! That was what a Japanese man, called Le Trung , do. He made a woman android which is used to be his wife and taking care of him. That lucky robot is called Aiko. Aiko is claimed to be a sexy and useful robot. She can take Le Trung's housework and she is diligent wife robot.

Beside that Aiko is claimed to be had a Mathematics intelegent and can understand 3000 words of Japanese and English. Wheeww... Have i learned 3000 English words yet?? xp and she also can read a newspaper for Le Trung.
A Family Photograph.. Say Cheeeessseee..!!

That wiferobot was made with 14000 Poundsterling cost! And yet, Le Trung is rely to sell his car and even get some credits at Yakuza.!! Omaigatt... Just he didn't think that with that money he could buy the real "wife"! He just made an android, but yet, he can't think of it. Is it means i was so stupid or which one is stupid??!! lol

Absolutely, there just one thing that Aiko can't do... Yeah.. She can't do.. errrr.... You know what is it... XD

I just think, will Le Trung make a child?? Lol

Anyway, what do you guys think????

Source: OkeZone (Unfortunatelly, this article is in Indonesian...)

Hot Aiko...
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Back From Hiatus ^^

Uhhh,,,, Finally I come back to the blogging world. SO sorry for my readers, for the hiatus mode for this whole 2 months. I am totally in bustling coz of my business in this whole month. The result, I cannot write anything to be posted about nor replying a comment here… But I promise, after I get out from my business, I’ll soon write a post here.. I promise!! ^^

This month was a tiring month actually. There are a block term, and also i have to stay in a damned place for 4 days, full! with many matter to be listened for. Whole night i spent to just hearing something uncool... ^^; 
There also a Recruitment in a health organization i join. So, i follow the rules and doing some safety thing. That was so cool!! If i  got accepted in this organization, surely, my clinical skill will be improved and used well. And also, i can help people too. What a cool job to do there!!
Wish me luck, yo! 

Ahh... I missed blogging so much...I hope I can have a little time to spend to blogging…. I still have so many anime review to do yet. And the anime in this falls is too awesome to be left for!!
Going to review for the test tomorrow noooww!!!!
Thanks for visiting this blog and thanks also for the comments.. Jyaa~ Nee~~

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Oct 25, 2008

Naruto Chapter 422 - Can they fight Pain??

 Serious.. Kakashi is Serious....

In this chapter, we'll see Kakashi's fight with Pain. Damn! It was so obliviously cool!!
In the village, everyone is fighting with Pain and also Kanon. But still, how much are them, they can't face Pain equally. Damn Pain!!!

Tsunade is making a first move with sending his nails mate.. (i forgot its name) to all the injured people outta there. And guess, What she'll do next....

"Next time you missed, I'll throw you up from Naruto"

Once again, Kakashi's Raikiri can be avoided by Pain easily, He just remembered that it's not good idea to face Pain's eyes with just a single person.... The ugly Pain is Transformed. To be.. Err.. Uglier form... XDD
And Kakashi is drawn out by Pain's Sword.. But with his Lightning Clone technique, he can deceive Pain and also attack him with that lightning! Damn, what a powerful Clone jutsu technique. I wonder why Kakashi just use it now. Or is it because the author get this idea? Lol

What the Hell this ugly alien do in Naruto!!?
"U're so ugly and hard to draw.. I better kill you first" ,
Masashi Kisihimoto said...Lol

The fight was not drop in a pain side, Yeah, Kakashi somewhy can face him. Not as equal, but enough to defense himself... Yeah, there's a reinforcement help him... And likely, they already killed the ugly pain.. Or not?!

Hell.. This chapter really made me to wait for more weeks for the next chapter... I wonder if the episode is out tomorrow... Impossible. Lol

How will the fight goes??
Have Kakashi Figured out Pain's Power?!!!

Next episode!
Capture Pain..

Another controversy 
Eh? A head in a chest?! How can she do that.?! Is she a magician? Lol
It looks like that the big Pain picture is the real Pain...  
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This is What You'll be if you broke the rules....

 Review, Review, And revieww moreee,,,,
Yeah. Nothing but business happened in this week. Started from presentation, assignment, exam, and many other job at college was done... Thankfully all of them are done with my best and get their..err... Good record, i think.. ^^; Well, for the exam, i got the highest score among all other my mates! XD and i done the presentation well. But i miss out for the tutorial discussion yesterday. It's all my own fault then. But what did my mistake?!!

Firstly, I just having a bread-dinner in the night. Yeah, Indonesian usually having rice and other meals as their dinner, but not bread. I think Bread is just too light. *But hey! What's up with this??* Actually, the main problem is on the morning. In order to prepare for the discussion, i just slept less than 4 hours in the night, and i wake up in the morning (3am if i'm not mistaken.). That makes me feel something unwell within my body ... And from that preparation, i ended up in a confuse state, well.. I just confused with "is the glycolysis process.. is it taken an anaerob proccess or aerob ones??" That makes me call my mate all over the way, and we discuss it crazely (and got nothing but confuse, LOL) and ended up the time shown me at 7.15 am ! Hell! My discussion is started 40 minutes more! And then i skip my breakfast and make a move rushly since it cost 30 minutes to go to my college.

Arriving in the college and head to the discussion room rushly then. When the discussion started, i feel so bad and i barely can't concentrate well! A SH**~~. That makes me hard to say what i wanna say what to say.. Lol
And hell... I think i missed my Tutorial discussion now.. - -"
Nest thing, when it's time for the Quiz, in state cannot concentrate well, i also answer that not with my might....
I think i will get a bad score from this quiz...

Eat Your Breakfast or you'll die!

Ahh... Cannot concentrate well... It's all because my blood sugar is so low. And i am in starve,, It makes cannot think well. Thankfully it didn't cause me to faint.. ^^; I must eat my breakfast later on, then.. Breakfast has so many advantages, you know....

Anyway, do you ever get the same thing as me like this??
Did you always eat your breakfast??
Or Not!???!

Ahh.. Tuesday is my blog term.. Review, Ikimassssuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! ^^
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Oct 21, 2008

How Messy Your Computer was??

Recently, i got annoyed with my shortcut and folder aranggements. It's being sooo messy and uncontrolable. Lol. Just like the DNA in the Procaryotic cell i thought.. ^^; Well, to be honest,, it's all my postponing habit fault and mismanagement folder location. Just say it my fault if you like.. ^^; That horrible thing happened whenever i browse the internet, and then got something to be my download list or to be my article study, i always put them in the desktop. The result, the desktop becoming so messy like this...

My Desktop with its craze messyness... XD

The Messy My Document.. Is that can be count as messy??

And coz of that messiness, i usually drag that thrash into the My document folder to clean the desktop. But it comes worse when i didn't arrange the My document folder or the desktop ( coz of postponing habit. lol) and let the circumstance happen all the time. Yeah. All time. That means that folder and the files are getting piled up in a mound. Ahhhhh.. I even hard to find my important files and i got lose my Macross F and Geass episode 24 also for that matter. And it gets lazier for me to neaten that thrash.. ^^; Hell yeahhh!! All hail lazinesss!!! XDD

How about you?? Do you always arrange your files neatly??
or not?? XD
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