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Sep 7, 2008

About Me

Mine in the anime version. LOL

Hajimimashite..!!! ^^
For you, who haven't known me, lemme introduce my self. :)
My name is Sandy, but my friend usually call me Sandy-kun.. ^^ I am anime, manga, and J-Music -or Japan in general- fan so much. So that, I hereby take my service to make a blog about it..

General Biodata

Name : Sandy Aditya Pradana
Born : June 19th
Age : 16
Location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Status : Triple?? Lol
Occupation : Medical Student
Mail :
Religion : Islam

I am Indonesian, and absolutely live in Indonesia. Well, internet connection here is so badddd… Damn, the higest I can found is just 6Mbps! I hope the internet connection be better as neighbor country Singapore or Malay. XD In Indonesia Itself, the anime development wasn’t spread well. Just Stuck in a big city, like Bandung or Jakarta. Me myself live in Jogjakarta which I find, so lack of anime, manga, or Japan fans,,, Damn.. My anime desire is locked,.. ^^;

I am so new in blogersphere and English is not my first language, So sorry if you find any ungrammatical language here.. ^^;. But as far as I got blogging, I got addicted coz blogging make my heart warm and I can share things to others. That means one kindness.. ^^ O yeah, I like designing so much so that, I’ll design my blog as cool as I feel.. Even it must cost to my blog loading page.. ^^

I’m still playing Yugi-Oh Card Game since I found that this card game is having no end and make our creativity developed. So, for you who wanna duel me, I’m always be here… ^^;

Anyway, if you wanna contact me, feel free to add me at my YM at sandy_aksel [at] yahoo [dot]com. :)
If You wanna send me a message, please go to my contact page.. :)

Thank you for reading a little description of me.. And nice to meet you.. ^^

“The way lesser man is like Grass, and the way of gentleman is like the wind. Grass in the wind will certainly bow to it”


  1. Weekkkzz.. Hal yang tabu bila memperlihatkan foto asli di sini.. ^^

    Ntar pengunjungnya kebanyakan... XD

  2. dijogja skrg???

  3. Hai,. I think this blog is nice! And I'm actually one of Lelousc's Fan,.. XD hhe,..


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