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Jun 3, 2008

Firstly - greeting... ^^

Yo! Yo!!
Sandykun In da HousE!! This is my 1st blog that i ever make!! Huh,,just a simple one,, but i hope u can take the advantage from here...
Okay let's talk a little bout' me.. Well... My name is Sandy, i am a college student (now),, in medical faculty...I lived in Banjarmasin, a thousand river city-the capital city of South Borneo,Indonesia-the most beautiful country... ^^ (you must come to see this country... :p) I'm 16 years old this year...Quite young for the university student,huh?? :p And... maybe,,That' is... :)
Well... In this blog, i will post many article bout Japanese,Indonesia,manga,music,movie review,health,education,and sooo many mooorree.... ^^ I'll also post my life as student that get many funny stories... N i will expand it here,,so u can see all of my craziness here...Hehe... Hope U will be okay... ^^;

P.S. : Don't 4get for the comment,,comment makes me built...^^

Enjoy Then.... ;)


  1. San, jangan lupa kunjungi profilku sekali-kali ya!!!

  2. Yo... Akan selalu kukunjungi situsmu ituh... ;)


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