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Jul 8, 2008

Code Geass R2 Review

Turn 13 The Assassin From The Past

After Shirley Regain her memories back, She just realizing that all memories of herself, friends, and her environment is just a manipulated... But, it seemed only her whose had that memory... She just getting feared by the reality and her fake environment.
In other place, Lelouch was talked to Rollo about the invasion of Black Order in ex-Chinese federation. And Lelouch left to check the Ikeburo...

Code Geass R2 Snapshot - Shirley Regain her MemoryPhotobucket

After awaking from her nightmare, Shirley headed to some place with train. Inside, She was confused about which one was fake, which one was true.. After heading to a place he wanted, he met up with Suzaku. it seemed that Shirley wanna talked about her regain memory to Suzaku... But then, Lelouch came and disturbing their conversation....
In V.V. Hide out. Lady Cornelia met up with V.V. And then she was catched by V.V.

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-The meeting between Shirley and SuzakuPhotobucket

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-Lelouch is comingPhotobucket

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-Lady CorneliaPhotobucket

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-V.V. Attacked by CorneliaPhotobucket

In Ashford Academy, The security department was disturbed by a fiercer that was fierce upon the security to met Lelouch. It was Jeremiah, whose body and eye getting manipulated and get his Geass Canceller. He then faced with Sayoko. But Sayoko couldn't hurt him coz his body was full of metal. Rollo came to help with his geass. But it seemed worthless upon Jeremiah's Geass Canceller. And Jeremiah beaten Sayoko and Rollo. Ms. Villeta came to save them with act to side Jeremiah and told where Lelouch is.

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-The FiercerPhotobucket

Code Geass R2 Snapshot-Sayoko vs. JeremiahPhotobucket

Although Rollo Geass was cover themPhotobucket

with Geass Canceller it just WorthlessPhotobucket

Then, Rollo beaten up by JeremiahPhotobucket

In other Place, Lelouch along with Shirley and Suzaku came to the border between the Getho and the Britannian place. But suddenly, Shirley got her fear and pulled apart with Suzaku and Lelouch and went to the border of the building. Then She Fall!! But fortunately, Lelouch and Suzaku catched her and bring her back,, but before that, Lelouch said something sad to her. He said.. " I won't lose anyone again!! I won't!!" it made Shirley to get herself up and realize that for this time,, Lelouch was fighting alone, without anyone on his side. It made Shirley forgive Lelouch's mistake and wanna support him up from now on...

Shirley feared in the Getho BorderPhotobucket

The chain saviorPhotobucket


Then, they get nostalgic about the same event that happened when they were together, and suddenly, Lelouch got informed by Rollo that Jeremiah was heading upon him! Shirley then pick Suzaku up to the other place and they're talked about their "like" about Lelouch and something about forgiveness here...This part is just very touching heart . But all of that event was disturbed by terrorist’s act, or Lelouch himself to run from Jeremiah from his hunt. After seeing Jeremiah's Ability, Lelouch realized that Jeremiah's Geass had function to negate the Geass efect upon him and lose Lelouch’s Geass from other people too. On the other place, Shirley went to the location to help Lelouch.

Suzaku chat with ShirleyPhotobucket

Jeremiah ran after Lelouch and finally, he catched up with Lelouch plan that make him cannot move. Lelouch realized that his body moved with Sakuradite and he could stop it by using Gefjun Distruber that he had planted it in the train. When paralized, Jeremiah told Lelouch why he could live and live again. It because he had a duty to reveal the truth. Jeremiah could move within his self ! Then he asked why Lelouch became Zero and fight his own country and father. Lelouch answered that he do that coz the Emperor left his mother, Marianne dead, left Nunnaly lose her eyes and leg, and also stealth their happiness. Jeremiah shocked that the truth that as Lelouch said. then he told Lelouch that he had duty to protect Lady Mariane at that time, but he couldn’t saved her. After hearing Lelouch’ answer, Jeremiah realized that Lelouch is the same as him, He was Loyal with Lady Mariane and Lelouch did the rebellion coz of his mother sake. Then, it seemed that Jeremiah had change his side to Lelouch. :)
In Other Place, Shirley met up with Rollo,, and he ask about his likeness trough Lelouch too, And then Shirley convince Rollo that they must bring Lelouch' happiness and bring Nunnaly back. Sudenlly Rolo active his geass... what all of this mean? :t

The Train contain Gfjun DistruberPhotobucket

Jeremiah Try to movePhotobucket

Lelouch Said the truthPhotobucket

Jeremiah's shocked hear the truthPhotobucket


Rollo activated his Geass?! :oPhotobucket

After finishing the problem with Jeremiah. Lelouch willing to get back. But in some room in the building, he saw Shirley, lied on he floor with blood flooding upon her and bullet in her diafragma. (Omaigat!! I think this event is as sad as when Euphy death!! Or even sadder! :o ) Shirley said a word that very touching heart. She said that she likes Lelouch, and even his memory get lost or being manipulated, she still likes Lelouch!! No matter what happen, no matter how many times he reborn she will still like Lelouch!! OoooHHh!!! What a sad moment!! Lelouch tried to active his geass and order her to not die, many times (Spoiler : It seemed that his Geass power up that it seen he can use his eass many times to Shirley. :o )!! But unfortunately Shirley was too injured. Could not be helped And She died…. Lelouch cried all over his way and Turn 13 was continueedd…

Poor ShirleyPhotobucket








O yeah.. Just for information. The opening and the ending songs is changed. The opening once again is trusted to Flow with their song World End. And the opening s hanged by Ali Project’s song that I haven’t known yet the title.. Did anyone know the title?? :)
it seemed also a bit change with floating system on the knight mare...Just wonder what is it... :t




  1. sandy-dodol...CG-R2 donk,,,
    huhuu..taroh di blog muh..
    minta dunk..
    lw download khan CG-R2?!
    well...lw masih di Bjm?!

  2. Huu.. Shirley is dead... :(
    Kallen is being caught... :t

    Hooo.. I have reviewed it Already.. ;)
    But maybe later, i would like to put the Downloaded page here. So, you can download it... :)

    I didn't Download it.. Just watch it in youtube...



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