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Jul 18, 2008

Code Geass R2 Review

Code Geass R2 - Turn 14 - Geass Hunt !!

PhotobucketLady Mariane

This episode was started from the flash-back sight about the relationship between Charles and V.V. and there also likely a relationship between C.C. and Lady Mariane.

PhotobucketC.C. And Mariane

PhotobucketYoung Charles

After Mound after Shirley, Rolo was comin into Lelouch place, and He said that he murdered Shirley just because she had her memory back and she would came after Lelouch and kill him with the gun she brought . And its because "we're brother ni-san..." fuck.. This word is just like a bull and it's really Rolo was in love with Lelouch!! xD. And they both talked about their strike to Geass Cult,, to inhilate all of Geass user and their researcher.


PhotobucketNii.. San...

Mean while.. In Shirley's Death's interment. Every one was sad because of it. Shirley's death itself was believed that it because she committed suicide. Then, Lelouch was after C.C and told her about the strike of the Cult. C.C after all was accept it and could help Lelouch. It's all because Lelouch believed that get his life was lost a lot and there should only just one Geass left in this world to control this world.

PhotobucketSuzaku heard that Shirley just commited suicide??

PhotobucketEveryone is sad...

After that, begin the conversation between Lelouch and V.V. . And thre were revealed that that place would be moved to another. But it's too late, coz all Order of the Black Knight's Knightmare was appeared. They attacked all of the place, with no exception, uns-sin or in-sin people were killed at that time.



Photobucket"huh,, While you just coming to my place, i've already moved, lelouch...", "is that so??V.V??"

PhotobucketThe truth tat i've come to your place...

Photobucketbegin the strike!!

PhotobucketResearcher were killed...

PhotobucketJust Like a war...

Then, Kallen was talked with Nunnaly about their Sibling, but then, Suzaku came to tell Kallen about Shirley's death, and he suspicious it because he knows that Shirley wouldn't do that suicide-something but it's a criminal . "And no matter what, it must be Lelouh who did it, and Zero was Lelouch at all. " He said. And then He asked Kallen who was behind in the mask of Zero. Kallen said nothing but, She would be taken apart by a refrain.....


PhotobucketCute Kallen.. ^^;


PhotobucketThe Refrain...

In the battle field the army must kill all people inside even if just a kid. But it's not ordinary kid, it just the same as Rollo did, a kid who just being an experimental kid to be made as an immortal soldier that was equipped with Geass. Rollo kill all of them, although all of them was his sibling before hand.

PhotobucketInnocent Kids..


PhotobucketHe comes from this place too...

Suddenly, a knightmare that lastly used by Jeremiah, Siegfried. It was V.V. who controlled it out. So, with Lelouch Knightmare, Shinkiro, He fought V.V. and take his plan to explode the bomb he planted onto Rolo Knightmare, and take Rolo to hold V.V.. But Siegfried is too damn strong, that no one can face its defend system. But fortunately, there were Cornelia who shot Siegfried to his weak point and weaken him, so, all unit would be easily take it down. and V.V. was down.

PhotobucketIt've burned down..

PhotobucketV.V. with Siegfried...


PhotobucketRolo failed to attack V.V.

PhotobucketThe electricity goes to Rollo....Arrgghh....

PhotobucketCornelia with his Knightmare...

PhotobucketSiegfried's guard down...


PhotobucketPoor V.V...

But when Lelouch was coming after V.V. , there was Charles, Britannian Emperor, Lelouch Father, who made Shinkiro was unable to move and Bring Lelouch into some weird place. Yea.. It's World of Akasha... The place where Charles willing to slay the God.

PhotobucketDamned V.V.

PhotobucketCharles' comin'!

PhotobucketShinkiro was Trapped...


PhotobucketIn the world of Akasha


Saa,, What just happened to Lelouch..?? Next Turn !! C no Sekai !!

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