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Jul 23, 2008

Code Geass R2 Review

CODE GEASS - TURN 15 - World of C !


It was a sudden that Lelouch found himself in a misterious world and face his Father. But it's his chance too, to met with his Father, and asked him about his Mother, Lady Mariane's Death.


Meanwhile, in Geass Cult, it seemed no one knew where Zero went, altough Rolo wasn't notice.


In World of Akasha, Lelouch then thought to kill his father by using his Geass. Then he do, he cracked the mirror and reflected his Geass trough the mirror and made it to slay at Charles' eyes and control him...And he made Charles to kill himself...




PhotobucketCracked Mirror Used By Lelouch

PhotobucketGeass Was Actived

PhotobucketWheeeww.. Such as an imposible move.. :p

PhotobucketWhat!! He did it!?? :o

PhotobucketCharles wa, Shinda desuka??

PhotobucketI wooonn!!

In the prisoner, Suzaku was heading at Kallen to throw out all of her thought about Zero by usig refrain. But he didn't do it.. He had a pride to not do as zero did.

PhotobucketLet me strip Your cloth Information by this...

PhotobucketUwaaaa..!! A cool eyes!! xD

PhotobucketNoooooo...!! Kalleeeenn!! xD

PhotobucketLemme take your wallet! xD

The meeting between Ogi and Villeta was as Ogi thought. There, he'll be killed by Villeta. but then, Villeta asked Ogi why he had helped herself as he knew that she was a Britannian... Ogi answered gentelly.. "coz i love you!" (Omaigatt!! What in the world happened with them in the house together?? xD) the conversation was cut by the presence of Sayoko, who was spyed them in order Ogi looked so curiously.
Sayoko and Villeta was fighting and finnaly, when Villeta was in danger, she ot herself helped by Ogi and they fall along to the sea....

PhotobucketSay what you did!!

PhotobucketVilleta vs Ogi

Photobucket" love you!!"

PhotobucketI'm fight you!

PhotobucketNo way!

In the Geass Cult, C.C. met V.V. and they talked toether along and they seemed had a deep relation ship in the Lelouch' life...

PhotobucketSo innocent... ^^

PhotobucketDunno what to say.. :p

PhotobucketIt's the past V.V., So girly...

Lelouch get shocked that he made his father dead easily. But suddenly, it as his thought, his father hadn't dead yet and made him to strike back at Lelouch and sent him to a weird world..
( Damn... He just as damn as before!! )

PhotobucketIs he.. die??

PhotobucketLook at that damn smile!!

Photobucket"I haven't die yet,, my son..."

PhotobucketNa... Nari yatee!! xD

In the unknown world, Lelouch was made confused with his Father argument about himself as a coward to be Zero, whom face was masked around. Suddenly, C.C. came and made another confusing thought. It was after her contract's content. All she wanted just to die as we know She just a damn immortal. It's because at the end of Geass, the user of the Geass would take over the position of the person who granted them their Geass. But her choosen one to made it was Charles, coz she thought Charles was ready to accept but not Lelouch.
Lelouch then asked to her about many thing he just passed and about himself that been a contract within her. But it helpless.

PhotobucketDoko ni??

PhotobucketA weird Place

PhotobucketHmm.. Coooll.. ^^



Then, Lelouch was sent to another world. Actually, C.C.'s past memory. There he had shown many of C.C.'s past.
There was a child who won't to be killed in order to live,she was C.C., and that grant was being granted by a nun. C.C. was given a Geass then, a Geass to made her to be loved. But she just not satisfy, coz all She wanted really is a true love. Then, it came where her Geass was uncontroled. It came the reall supose of the nun, yea.. to transfer her immortal skill to the given person, that is C.C. (what te hell just happened??)

PhotobucketThis is my memory...

PhotobucketC.C.'s Geass....

PhotobucketWhat will you do to me!!


Meanwhile, in a real world, When C.C. was ready-to-be-Dead, Lelouch wake up from the "Elevator of Thought" then, he pervent her to not going to give it to Charles. then he do it. C.C. was awake and release Lelouch rom the power that prevent him to use his Shinkiro. After Shinkiro was released, Lelouch destroy the palace and made an escape with C.C.

PhotobucketC.C. Cry...

PhotobucketShe forgot about Lelouch!! :o



After comin to a real world, it was a supiscious that C.C. didn't recognize Lelouch anf just called him as her Master.....

What the Hell just happened?? What this all confusened?? The next turn will revealed it all...

Next turn !! Turn 16 !! SUPER UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTON NO. 1 !!

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  1. Omaigaaattt... I just can't believe that Sunrise had their story been figured out for long time like this!! There're so many mystery hidden!!

    It just a wonderfull Story!!

    Ganbate Code Geass !! ^^


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