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Jul 4, 2008

Flash News

L’Arc~En~Ciel New Single


After finishing their tour, Tour 2008 L’7 ~ Trans Asia via Paris ~, Laruku will again launch their new single !:D
This single will be launched on this Summer. This Single will contain 2 song, there are : NEXUS 4 that is being the SUBARU Legacy’s image song and SHINE that is the opening song anime Shirei no Morihibito.

But, there also spread a rumor that they’ll be vacuum until their 20th Anniversary on 2011. Huuu…. Hope it’s not true… :(

I just think that Nexus is likely like Link, the heart beating, meaningful and cheerful song, you can see the preview here
Actually Shine is the song from 2007 that Laruku made for Shirei No Morihibito’s OST. And Shine had also ever sung in Yasouka Concert. But, it hadn’t made for the single, or made in the albums.. There also Bye-bye, that has the same fate as Shine, it had ever been sung in L’Arc anniversary and also Yousoka concert, but hadn’t been ever published until now… The existence of this song is also unknown…. ^^;
Hehe… Just waitin’ for Laruku single then… And hopes that Laruku will ever exist as the Legendary Japan until the world end... Ganba!! ^^

O yeah,, if I get the single, I’ll publish here… ^^

There're preview of the song Shine and Nexus.. Enjoy.. ^^


Download Shine-Ost Version(1,7 mb)

Download Shine-Full Version-Concert (3,81 MB)


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