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Jul 5, 2008

Win $75 in Easy!!

I just Get my mind off after reading a contest inMoneysbit that we can earn $75 for free, in easy!!All the thing you have to do is just write about this contest in your blog, then blog it!! After that, you must comment in Moneysbit website for authentication and subscride their RSS through e-mail... Very Easy huh!!??
One entry will be given per blog post in one blog, so it means that more post in your blogs, more chance will you get to win this contest...

There will be three winners.

  1. The First will get $50 through paypal.
  2. The Second will get $20
  3. The third will get $5.

The winner is chosen by a randomizer.

The contest will end in 15 July...!! So what're you waitin' for??!!


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