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Aug 4, 2008

D.Gray Man 168

Allen was angry to his teacher, Cross Marian bout what he told to Allen in the previous chapter. Futher more, he said that there're a hidden side of this war.

Even Mana, Allen's father, supposedly just loved his brother,the fourteenth, but Allen believed that the love he gets is purely got from Mana.

Meanwhile. When morning is reaching over. Cross Marian was found in the dead.

What Happen To Cross??What Allen Would do next time??
What Cross Mean by the "Hidden Side"??

Download the manga here

Scantlation by Binktopia


  1. you remind me i have to start reading D.Gray man ^^ thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

  2. Hehe.. You should do that,..It's very wery cooll!! ^^;

    That's Welcome.. :)


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