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Sep 7, 2008

Ayumi Hamasaki News

In this September 10th 2008, Ayumi Hamasaki will release a best album titled A COMPLETE ~ALL SINGLES~ to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary.

This album will be released within two different format. The first is a 3CD format and as usuall, the other is 3CD + DVD format. The first press Edition itself will be covered with an exclusive box with a 48 pages photobook. Those photos are the alternative covers of her single that never been published before.
The CD will be filled with 43 singles of Ayumi from 1998…

Hmm.. Must collect single, for you, Ayaka’s fans!! :D


  1. Ayumi looked so different when she was 15

  2. So anyway,she is so charming and pretty now...


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