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Sep 4, 2008

Blog Remodeling

Wanna making some cool thing on my blog, i am doing some update here...

Firstly, i am making a many banner in this morning.. For what?Well... I just wanna make some changing in my header just like Bzou do in his header.. Yep.!! Rotating banner!! (man.. Firstly i'm so jealous with him.. ^^;)

Fortunatelly, after a hardship to googling those way, i find a suit one for my blog. Futhermore, it can rotate any images with unlimited amount everywhere!! :D
Well, this one acctually better than the wordpress pluging, but i must facing another hardship to suit it to my page layout... But finally, i success doing that and now, if you press F5 (reload), a different header will appear... :D What a cool feature isn't it??!! Thanx for for provide the code... :D I just wanna try the other ability next time.. :D

Secondly, i made some CSS change with the link i use here coz i just feel in attractive with just normal hovering...

That's all that i've done to remake this blog...

What do you think then??
Is it better like this or the previous one??
I need your opinion,,, :)

Anyway.. i need your opinion wheter i need to move to Wordpress or just stay here..??


  1. Wordpress will limit your freedom a lot more. If you are not going to move to your own server and host, you should stick on Blogger.

  2. Oh nice rotating banners you got bro, I like them alot. I really like the L and Light one.

  3. @ Panther
    But I need a more professional blog and Php-able blog... Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't provide me with it...

  4. @ Bzou
    Yeah... Finally i find it! XD
    Me too, love L and Light one..


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