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Sep 13, 2008

First Week College

I just finished my first official week at my first college today. Typically, almost everyone is happy with their first week of college, it count me in. I like the new atmosphere in my college. The professor giving lecture here is soooo nice and very funny. Well, firstly i doubt that a lecturer like them are funny, but they like a cold stone in my imagination.. ^^; Lucky me then.. I can going well with their lecture, without any sleepy moments as my friends do.. ^^;

After i get going with the Professors, lecturers, and the Blocks that i'll be at, i never think i'll get the same bad week as my other friends at another medical university does. Yeah!! They got somany assignment to do!! But unfortunately, when day had passed with that happiness, a nightmare already come!!

They already give me sooo many assignment to do. And next week, i also will got so many tutorial and group discussion. I already can guess who'll be the leader of tutorial of my group.. MEEE!!! They already choose me before the lecture order them.. Huh... Just like being force to eat rotten eggs.. ( is that that bad?? XD )

Those assignment make me cut my free time to discover what should i post in this weekend. And the worse thing is that i get a test in my free weekend time!! It's a tiring IQ-test. Aghh.. I didn't prepared myself last night  and i just wondering how would my answers be.. :D

But, behind that hard week, i am happy to get so manyyy friends here. But sometimes i forgot their names, lol.

Hope i can through this week clearly... With no stress and can handle all my homework.. ^^

Anyway, are you happy with your school today?? Have you ever be forced to be the leader of the tutor?? Are your lecturers funny??

Share it here and leave your comment pleasse.. ^^


  1. Be glad you are going to school as opposed to studying at home. You will learn to miss it. You actually force yourself to learn in class.

  2. a funny lecturer will make the subject he is teaching interesting. when a subject is interesting, students will be more eager to learn.

    btw blogger finally has the rating thingy now.

  3. @Panther
    Not too.. I just feel the same as the high school time. (My high and this college is having the same study time, so that i already be usuall on it..)

    @ Gordon
    Funny lecturer really help me understand the lecture well.. And i like them.. :)

    I'll check that thingy thing... ^^;

  4. I suppose the hardest part is the transition as self-control is required. I've just finished my first "official" week as well^^ Good to hear you've enjoyed it.

    Btw, what are you studying?

  5. Yep!! Self-control is sooo annoying... I cannot control myself to buy a thing!! And coz of that, i got broken ^^;

    How's your official day then?? ^^
    I really like my college.. With many kind guys and free internet access... ^^;

    It's hard to say, but i'm a medical student.. ^^;


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