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Sep 14, 2008

L'Arc Hidden Secret (?)

Nothing to blog today... It should be my weekly post, but coz of my reckless fullness, i left my laptop charger in the library two days ago... ^^; what a reckless thing wasn't it?? XD Coz of that, i cannot recharge my laptop empty battery and cannot fulfill my obedient... :p Do you ever do something reckless like this??

But now, for a refilling, i just want to give something interesting that i found at L'Arc website. It was a cool screen saver, hidden at the pop up windows.. :D

Instead of just post the file, I will show you how to get it!

First, go HERE

At the bottom you will see a gray arrow button for the "Ai wo sagashite" game (it is UNDER the big blue bar; that leads to the ring tones). Click there, and a pop up will appear..

On the pop up screen, find a heart (It's located somewhere it should.. ^^;) and click it several times quickly. You'll know you got it right when a red window appears, which gives a choice of Mac or PC.

After that click your choice, and the download is begin.

Man, that screen saver is so pretty... Hope there'd some more hidden there.. ^^
Thanx to nanani for the news.. ^^


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