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Oct 4, 2008

I'm Out!!

                     Images via My world

Ahhh... I'm on a vacation now... Visiting my family and doing some relation with them, This is what we, Indonesian people usually do when the time for our big day, after having a month full fasting, comes. Yep! It's an Aidil fitri! Or we usually call it Lebaran.

Lebaran, is a big day for ,Muslim people. It's a day where they celebrate their wins after having a week finishing their fasting and success to prevent their moralistic desire.

One cool thing that can be found in this day is soo many delicious and sweetie food!! XD Yep! Usually, mother, or family make a sweetie snack to welcome the guest that is coming to make a relation to their homes.

Ahhhh.. I'm now in a hiatus moment... I can't post a article for now since i always go out with ma parents and visiting my family's house. Further more, today, i'll go outta this town for visiting my granpa. I doubt there will be a Internet cafe there.. ^^;
So, my apologize if i cannot post an article for a few days or even a weeks.. ^^;
Anyway, even tough its already late,, Happy Aidul Fitri all ^^

Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin..

So sorry for all my mistake.. ^^

1 comment:

  1. I think they call it Hari Raya here, but PH, HK and SG all had a public holiday on Wednesday, though all three for different reasons.


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