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Jun 4, 2008

Warm Up ! Code Geass

Code Geass

Code Geass is an anime sequel that is made by SUNRISE Studio and the character design was taken by CLAMP...!! (What The . . . ? ? ! ! :0) Just think bout' it!! Sunrise that is known from its Mecha-story and mecha-design collaborate with CLAMP that is known from its 'good' character,romance story,and mystic.... ??! :t Hmmm... Sound interesting,isn't it....??

Yeaaahh... Everyone (specially Anime-mecha-lovers) must be gazing bout' what will happen with the story line... Uggghh... that must be so coooll! :d
Finally, they (people who gazing :p) are satisfied with the launching of Code Geass in the fourth Quartal of 2006!! Yeaahh finally.... ! ! :z

The Code Geass itself tell us bout the story of the war,and the imperialism. It's about the attack of Japan by the Britannia . . . Britannia that is using mecha called Knightmare Frames,start that imperialism in the 2010 A.C. and invided Japan... Japan that was 'nothing' in front of them was lose in that war and begin imperialism-ed. And then The name of "Japan" itself was changed into "Area eleven (11)" and the civil was also called by "Elevens" . . .

In the daily life itself, Elevens was pressed to live with hard on the community, they are pressed,they are life in pain...On the other hand, the britannian life in the first-class with all of the luxury facility they get... so different from the elevens... Poor Elevens... :(
Because of that different treatment, there was formed a fight for-independence group to finish this imperialism and free Japan from this imperialism !!

On the other side, there was a britannian teenager who wanted to destroy Britannia...But why,?? :s let's look his background first. . . This guy was named Lelouch vi Britannia, the son of the King of Britannia.. He was thrown away to Japan because he was treated useless by his father. . . This was happened because his mother was killed by the terrorist and his sister was getting paralyse and blind with that attack!! Lelouch was angry with his father because of the lack security that rarely happen in the kingdom and was accusing the king that the tragedy was planned by him . . . What the . . . !! :0
Because of that , the King sent Lelouch and his sister,Lunnaly, to Japan as a "hostage" there. . .

There they live with and befriend the Japanese Prime Minister and his child, a boy Lelouch's age named Suzaku. They find peace there for a while,but unfortunately,Britannia suddenly invades Japan!! Because of that, Lelouch who loves his sister that undertake to make his sister happy was very angry with Britannia and willing to destroy that super power country from that time ! ! ! !

7 years later, Lelouch that was aged 17 and Nunnally, 14, both attend at Ashford Academy in Area 11 . . . They now used their mother's maiden name, Lamperouge, as their last name to hide their true identities. . . .
After an afternoon of playing chess Lelouch heads back to school and is caught up in a military Truck crash... At the crash site he uncovers a young woman - restrained and locked in a strange machine. He frees her as the Britannian army arrives, who declare he must die for seeing the top secret experiment. He is about to be killed when Suzaku, who's becoming a soldier of the Britannian army now, steps in and is shot instead. They turn on Lelouch, but the girl dives in front of him and is shot in the head. Facing death, Lelouch hears the girl speaking to him in his head, she offers him power, in exchange he must grant her wish. Lelouch accepts.

So Lelouch gains Geass, the power to give an order which can not be disobeyed. He uses this power and his tactical genius to aid the rebellion and bring about the fall of Britannia, for the sake of creating a better world for his sister. He goes by the alias "Zero" and has created his own army, the Order of Black Knights. Suzaku survives and dedicates himself to trying to change Britannia from the inside, he becomes the pilot of their experimental Knightmare Frame, Lancelot. Lelouch and Suzaku have chosen different sides. And the girl, C.C is alive somehow though what her true purpose is and how she survived is still unrevealed.


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