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Jun 5, 2008

On The Spot Light = D.Gray Man


Whooo... D. Gray Man.... Sounds like a super heros like Superman and spiderman huh?? :t Hohooo... Absolutely not... :p This anime and manga story is about the exorcist and the Akuma... There some title in anime or manga world that use exorcist on their manga, as Nube and Ghost Hunt... But, in D.Gray Man, it's different.... What is exorcist???And what knd of thing an Akuma is?? Just see my post below.... hoho... :p

The plot revolves around Allen Walker, an exorcist, in the midst of an imaginary 19th century Europe.... Allen is the main character here,an adopted child that had father named Mana Walker...Mana Walker adopted Allen on Christmas,he was a circus member,he played as a clown on the circus with the help of Allen for long time...But, Unacidentally,Mana died with undescribed reason.. :p Then, a person named Earl Millennium came to Allen,and he offered to Allen that Mana can be re-life with his help. After Allen accepted that offer,it turned far from Allen's hope. Mana became an Akuma!! :0 Infuriated at Allen's actions,He cursed Allen and cut the his left eye,leaving a pentacle marking and also giving him the ability to see Akuma with his left eye. His anti-Akuma Weapon (innocence) in his left arm also awakened,and Mana was quickly destroyed by Allen's awakened anti-Akuma weapon. Before Mana's Akuma form was destroyed, he told Allen that he loved him, and thanked Allen for righting the wrong he had committed... so sad ending... :(

After That, A man named Cross Marian showed upon Allen and ask him to be his student...He told Allen bout all things related with exorcism. But not just it.. He taught Allen to gambling and life in despair... ^^; :D and after three hard year with Cross, Allen was ordered to go to Black Religious Community and be the member of the Dark Religious Organization,as exorcist which contains another exorcists,and also connected with Vatican....The mission of the Dark Religious Organization is to stop The Millennium Earl, an evil demon-like entity intending to cleanse the world by destroying all the human in it in the manner of Noah's great flood.

The exorcists themselves are special people gifted with compatibility with Innocence, divine substance created in the ages past to combat the Earl's minions, the Akumas. It is said that there are exactly 109 units of Innocence scattered around the world. Once an Innocence finds its compatible person, it will evolve to become a weapon to fight the Akumas.

As the story goes, Allen Walker is introduced with more Exorcist characters, among them are Kanda Yuu, Linali Li (a very cute girl..:D) and Rabi. Also in the spotlight are Komui Li, the church's science department supervisor and older brother of Linali Li, Bookman,the person who note every history that isn't told in this world.

More villains also appear along the way. There are higher level akumas, with greater power, skill and wit. Newly appearing as of this article is the Noah's family, humans gifted with great power allied with the Earl... :0

Soo,, What happen next?? what is Noah trying to do?? And how far conflict is happen?? Just wait my next update then .... ;)


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