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Jun 22, 2008

Code Geass R2 Preview

From Now on, I'll review the most gorgeous anime... :p, Yeah.. Code Geass... The first winner of Anime Grand Prix !!! In Code Geass R2, the Opening Sound track was picked by Orange Range with their song : O2. The director and the staff actually the same as the first season was... :) Let's begin... This Turn 1 !! :)

Turn 1 : The Day The Devil Awakens

the story begin with the conversation, that rounds in the green haired girl with the member of Order Of the Black Knight... It seemed that they would attack something in order to get something,,,

Then, The place change to Ashford Academy.... There was Lelouch who was hunted by Ms Vileta in order to force Lelouch to go to Swimming class... But, with the Little help of his friends, he could escape from Ms Vileta...

Lelouch ran away with Rival's Bike. He was carried by his "Brother" (what?? Lelouch has brother??! :o ) He wanna go to the Some club that a student mustn't be there, to challenge someone to duel with him in playing Chess.. After he reached the place, Kallen (with sexy bunny custom :p ) crushed him... But it seemed that they two didn't acknowledge each other... (what happen with them??! :o) Kallen apologize to crush him, a Britannian. Then She gave Lelouch something that like receiver... (What plan she want o do??) But, before She gave it to him, She was treated rude by a man... To save the woman that he taught not acceptable to be treated like that, Lelouch then challange the Man by Chess Duel!!:o


Lelouch and RolloPhotobucket

Lelouch was crushed with KallenPhotobucket

What's That??Photobucket

Kallen was treated Rudely...Photobucket

Lelouch Challenge the manPhotobucket

Finally, lelouch won the game. ;) But The Man didn't accept his lost. He accuse that Lelouch was triked him!! what a shame!! Then A boundle of terorist attack Babel Tower. Lelouch and Rollo run away to escape from that terorist attack. They saw a tragedical event, the murder of many people!! Then they hide in some kind of unfinished built-room. There, they were splited out because Lelouch who was trying to protect Rollo from terorist shot, fall down from the upper floor. Fortunately, He was safe. But, when He wanted to call his Brother, he couldn't contact him. Then, he went out from that room.. Outside, He found many people were died!! Then, he saw a Knightmare Frame with a green haired pilot coming upon him. The pilot was C.C! But Why Lelouch wasn't recognize her?! Then, C.C. was shot by Britannan Army. She was died, but then, when Lelouch once again nearly faced his dead. C.C.'s voice come to Lelouch again... Then, surprisely. She awakens and Kissed lelouch!! Actually it was an act to return Lelouch memory. The reality was that Lelouch's memory, over this one year was a fake memory... Then... The Devils Was Awaken.... Zero... Who lead the rebelion of britannia comes back!!

OMG !! Lelouch WIN!!! :DPhotobucket

The Terorist AttackPhotobucket

Lelouch was Thrown to the bottom Floor and left Rollo alone...Photobucket

Every one ran to save their lifesPhotobucket

The Britanian Army was ordered by Lelouch to die with his Geass... And so they accept that order.... :) So, This is C.C.'s Plan?? What tragedy happen next?!

In other Place.. Suzaku, with other persons gather in front of the Emperor... What are they doing?? and who else was it??

The battle was ontinued to next TURN.... :)


  1. Lelouch is still hot as usual <3

    I haven't started watching R2.. maybe next time

  2. Yeaaahhhh!! Lelouch is damn Hot!! XD

    You must watch !! Right now!! this time!! or you will regret!! XD

    At least you read my review...i just now still in the regain data step.. So, just waitin' there...^^ Will ya?? :)

  3. cagey canny troublesome lelouch hehehe, hail to Brittania Empire!!

    but bad boy always interesting... :)

  4. Hahah.. Yeaahh!! Bad boy always interesting!! ^^

    O yeah.. what day CG R2 show on the TV?? sunday?? Monday??


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