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Jun 10, 2008

Fast Read = Naruto manga Up2date... :)

Naruto !! Update!! :)

Hi Guys!! I’ve made the review of the latest Naruto manga here, and hopely we can discuss here together like in the forum… ehehe… :p

Okay,, Let’s begin… Firstly I’ll talk about the review from chapter 372 when Naruto started to search for Itachi Uchiha, so Did Sasuke. And Jiraya was spying to the rain country to met with Pain Akatuki Leader. . .

My Real Decision . . .

Chapter 372 -383 tell us about the history of the meeting Jiraya with his 3 student as they named Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato. Because it was a war time,He lived to the Rain Country to teach them for a while, so that they could take care themselves by learning Jutsu… Incidentally, there He met with his student that can use Rin’negan!! :O Then, They three finally fed up with the ninjutsu knowledge Jiraya was taught at them…. A few years later after Jiraya left his Three Student, it came so far from Jiraya things that his Students would make Akatsuki!! :o

In the Rain country, Jiraya met with his Students Konan, and Nagato. He fought with his former student, Nagato, or so they called him Pain… It just a hard duel between teacher and his student!! At that fight, there showed the real conflict, the truth!! Then Jiraya himself came out with his hidden great technique that was spilled out in this fight!! So does Pain….He came out with a real surprise!! 6 body with their own Rin’Negan!! (What The… .!!! XO) But, before Jiraya could reveal Pain’s hidden truth, it came’s to sad ending!!! Jiraya was defeated by pain!!! And he Died… :( But before he died, he wrote a note to be given to Naruto . . . What’s that note filled with?? And what Pain really is??? The truth hasn’t been revealed. . .

The Final Jutsu . . .

Chapter 384 - 396 was tell us about the meeting of two fated brother, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke … As Itachi has said that Sasuke and Itachi had to fight, Sasuke accepted that and came to Itachi HQ and fought him!!! A hard unpredictable rounded fight with a high level of genjutsu covered their fight !!! Sasuke was eaten by Itachi’s genjutsu for many times, but for many times too he could release it . . . On that fight, Itachi tried to describe the Uchiha’s secret to his little brother. Many truths were revealed . The truth comes to a new reality, a very surprising reality, that there was lived one more Uchiha survivor, the founded of Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Madara the invincible immortal man !!!!! :o On that long story, the battle still happened. Finally, Itachi used his Mangekyou Sharingan !!! After a failure Tsukoyomi (Sasuke had been failed it), Itachi came out with a very strong black flame to face his brother!! Amaterasu!!! :o Sasuke get overwhelmed with it… At the last chakra that left, Sasuke revealed his new technique, Kirin!! It said that Kirin was an unavoidable jutsu, just like Amaterasu. And Itachi finally get hit by Kirin!!! :o !!! The battle is warmed,, and what happen with Itachi?? Who won on that hard fight?? :t The battle finally end !!! :o

The Memory Of That Encounter . . . .

Chapter 396 – Now (403) tell us About Sasuke who was been cared by Tobi, or his real name, Uchiha Madara, but Madara was accidentally trapped by Sasuke ‘s Amaterasu !! ( What thee!!?? :o ) But, somehow he still alive. Sasuke was told by Uchiha Madara all of the Uchiha History . . . From their first founding, to the end of the clan… Madara also told Sasuke about the background of the butchering of Uchiha Clan by Itachi !!! And there, The surprising unbelievable truth was revealed once more!! :o , On the other place, there was Naruto who was gazing bout his meeting with Uchiha Itachi (before Itachi Fought Sasuke). He remembered bout what itachi said on him about Sasuke…. Then, Itachi gave him some of his power to face Sasuke!!! What’s that??!! :o How can Sasuke got the Amaterasu?? Who is Madara ?? What is Uchiha hidden secret?? What’s the conversation of Naruto with Itachi???And what was the conclusion??!! The battle is still continued . . . ^^

Hohoho… How was it??? Interesting, isn’t it?? Still puzzled?? Still conscious bout it?? Just download the manga and read it !! hohoho… ^^’

This is the link to download the manga. . . :)

If you find this article is interesting, and you get something to be discussed, Just write the comment and we discuss it here…. ^^ Indonesian or English Language is welcome… :)


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