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Jun 7, 2008

What's Up!! ?? Full Metal Alchemist??!!

Full Metal Alchemist !!

Full Metal Alchemist ,Huh??? What’s on your mind after reading this title?? A man who use a mecha/cyborg that formed from alchemy?? Or a future that every one just become Full Metal coz of alchemy radiation?? XD Hahaha… It Just in your mind… X) The truth is that Full Metal Alchemist is a title for its manga and its anime that was picked from the main character that is “Full Metal Alchemist” ?? Yeah the main character is an alchemist… So, what is alchemist?? And what is this anime and manga tell us bout?? Let’s see the main topic below… ;)

A Painless Lesson Is One Without Any Meaning. . . .

Full Metal Alchemist is a manga created by Hiromu Arakawa that was firstly distributed in February 2002 that has it form in serial manga. The serial itself continued until now that has reached the 19 tonkubon and 83 chapter - last update, June 3rd . The anime itself had ended it sequel on 2006. . . Yeah..It because the anime is quite different from the manga . The main topic on this manga is bout 2 brother who step on the same way, and they wanna retake their body,, to find the REAL TRUTH . . . What is the meaning of retake the body?? What on the earth is Real Truth is?? To know it deeper, firstly let me tell you what alchemist here means…. :p

One Who Does Not Sacrifice Anything, Cannot Achieve Anything. . . .

Alchemist in real world can be said that it likely a magic, but the reality is not like that. The reality is that the alchemist is a principal or a knowledge to change a thing’s form to another form… :t
A decade, a century , or maybe a millennium year ago (??? XD ) many people considered that by using that kind of knowledge ~that usually believed as Alchemist~ ,people can reform material such as mercury to another material such as GOLD !! :O Unfortunately that science already disappear. . :p That's because at that era in Europe, the church was the organization that handed the full teritory... And that kind of activity was remarked as devil activity . . . :v because of that...Anybody who do alchemist would be known as a sorcerer and would be burnt alive !!:o
In Full Metal Alchemist's Storyline, the conditions above is never happen,and Alchemist was grown a lot... It's believed that with an accurate ingredient, we can make another things that has the same unsure with the ingredient that we prepare for. For example, we can make a glass with a sand, or make a sword with an iron unsure. (cool isn't it!??:D )

Al tough the alchemy was very great, there must be a limitation of human's power. There must be a question that can't be answered.. And Trough that limitation was a taboo condition. From the most, taboo-est thing in alchemist, the super most taboo thing ever had was a reviving a human being!! And this is the main conflict in Full Metal alchemist . . . . .

In the small secluded village called Rizenbul, there lived a family that was consisted of Mother,Father,And two sons. However their father gone somewhere... They still live in peace... Their children was having an unique interest, alchemist, maybe this was the basic talent they got from his father, who was being an alchemist,too. In one peaceful day, their mother suddenly died. Because they can't accept their mother death, they were planned to study the human-revive alchemist..

Then, it came to the day that they were going to transmutate their mother. While they were transmutating, they faced A scary reality... they must trade their body for their transmutation.Edward Elric, the older brother, was lost his left leg, but his younger brother, Alphonse Elric, lost all of his body.. Fortunately, Edward succeed to transfer his brother soul to the chain-mail by sacrificing his right arm... His Brother was saved, but, they were facing the true reality... They were failed to revive their mother.

After the accident, Edward Elric was accepting to use auto mail in his broken arm and leg. And he was accepting to join Military force, as an state alchemy there... Then, Here comes their journey.....


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