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Jul 28, 2008

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Nexus 4 - Full Rip

I just Got the full preview of Nexus 4 from Joan today!! xD

It sure cooler than the short preview!! Omaigattt!!

As i said before, this song is so powerful,cheerful and anime-ish song... Very cool song!! Hyde's voice is really kick butt!! :D  although the short preview contain almost the song, but it smell imperfect if we don't hear the full preview. :)

I'm happy to hear it before it just fully released..... ^^

Wanna download the preview??

Download here


  1. Arent we the lucky one XD I have not really listened to a lot of their music to be honest.....maybe I need to

  2. Yeaaaahh!! the lucky get the first!! XD
    Hm... i am a big fans of L'Arc, and i suggest you to listen more their songs.. They're really rock!! XD


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