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Jul 28, 2008

L'Arc~en~Ciel - 2008 Single - Nexus 4 Preview

After releasing their new single in the last March, Drink It Down, In this 27th August, once again, L’Arc~en~Ciel will hit the world of J-Music with their new single. Yeah, the single I said before, titled Nexus 4. And after hearing this new single’s preview, I absolutely believe that this single will contain a cheerful-theme songs.

It just proved with their single that had ever been shown in Anime Sirei No Morihibito’s OST, that is anime-ish and cheerful-ish. And that prove getting’ boosted more with the preview of the other song, Nexus 4 ! This song was certainly cheerful with Hyde’s rocked beautiful voice combining with Yukihro’s flare up drum play and the smack of guitar play from Ken and Tetsu’s booming bass. As I just said before I get the preview, this song was similar with Link’s music’s style.
You can hear the preview song in this blog, or you can download the preview of Nexus 4 Here…^^
Enjoy then.. ^^
Btw, have anyone get the lyric?? :p


  1. I really like Hyde. He kicks butt with his song Season's Call from Blood Plus. I have to get his CD! I like L'ARC-EN-CIEL too, but Hyde really stands out.

  2. I too, like Season's Call from Hyde, it's very cool and hard-rocked song!! :)
    Haha... Yeah.. get them and suck them out!! XD
    Yep, Hyde really stands out... his solo career also rocket-ed like a rooster.. XD

    O yeah.. Check out the full preview of Nexus 4 tonight... (at Indonesian time.. :p, i've have them scheduled...)


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