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Jul 25, 2008

Manga Release - Naruto Chapter 410

This turn, Sasuke and friends is already facing the great 8 tail jinchuuriki... But it seemed hopeless coz Suigetsu and Jugoo is already beaten up by him... Meanwhile.. In the midle way of Naruto's training. He was ordered to be died...But it's not that true.. But He just turned into a toad!! Back to Sasuke's fighting,, Sasuke is ready to beat the 8 tail...
What happen to Naruto?? How about Sasuke's fight???
Naruto Chapter 410 Manga Download


  1. interesting site, too bad i couldn't appreciate well because the internet connection here is very poor, i'll visit your site again next time but anyway, we sure can exchange links, i have two site one is in progress and the other is that you saw. it is still about anime so you can add them both. here's the link: (you can use link text as anime corner) and the other one that you visited already... keep in touch.

    Well about the naruto shippuuden manga, i haven't read the newest release but i'm sure their are lots of surprise, knowing that sasuke will hunt naruto. and i wonder what will happen to him or what he will become now that he knew ero-sennin died and about what jiraiya had left him.

    and for sure this will be a great battle again in the history of hidden leaf village and in the world of shinobi. its just like the history of hidden leaf(forgot the japanese term, heheh)..

    by the way, have you watch the shippuuden lately? i mean about sora.. could he had a jinchuriki inside of him? i just forgot about the manga version.

  2. I am also interested to see how the fight between the 8 tailed guy and Sasukes team goes. And I am also curious about the death order to Naruto

  3. @ pdanime

    Yeah,.. My blog sure need big bandwidth to open.. ^^; sumimasen, nee... ^^;, Ihave try to put a smaller sized picture.. Hope it would fasten my load, then.. :)

    okay.. I'll add both of them!! ^^ O yeah.. If you mind, i prefer the text link as Anime|Manga|J-Music World, to Sandykun No Sekai... ^^

    Hmm.. About Naruto manga.. I couldn't agree more... There must be a hidden surprise beneath them and it sure Jiraya died left many mystery behind...

    Hmm.. Yeahh.. Pain and Friends will attack Hidden leaf Village ( Konoha.. :) ) and it surely make my mind twisted, can Konohanese Face The Great disturbing Pain as the code Jiraya left haven't been revealed yet....

    ughh... Unfortunatelly i didn't watch the anime... (to bussy now.. ^^;) But, can you tell me the latest news about them?? i just a litlle curious what did you called Sora as A Jinchuriki?? :D

    Anyway.. Thanx for the coorporation... Keep Count.. :)

    (You should read Naruto Manga too beside watcing the anime!! XD)

  4. @ Bzou

    So do i.. Just curious what'll happen next...

    I just figured out that the 8 tail is very strong enough to kick Juugo ass....

  5. Thanks for sharing!!!



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