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Jul 27, 2008

Code Geass R2 Ost - World End - Flow

Code Geass R2 New Ost

Code Geass R2 was starting a new opening song and ending song from the episode 13. The opening, once again taken place by Flow, with his single "World End" that haven't been officialy released until now this article written.. (27 July 2008) The ending also taken again by Ali Project with the song i haven't known yet the title...^^; ( Anyone who read this article know?? :) )

Coz i haven't known the ending, let's talk about the opening first, The World End by Flow.

I think, this song is truly a colorful and cheerfull but deep meaned song, as Colors that ever sung by Flow in the first season of Code Geass. The song is also really appropriate to describe what Code Geass have until now. Just see the lyric "Ubawareta no ha nanda? Kawaranai sekai de" that means "What was taken from you in this unchanging world?" . It really describe what Lelouch was got, doesn't it?? He had lost Euphy and Shirley but it didn't change anything.

This piece of lyric also "Kudakechitta yume wo asu no hate ni hibikaseru you ni" means "Your broken dreams echo all the way till tomorrow's end". It really shown us about Lelouch's Dream to make a better world for Nunnaly that never extinct no matter what happen.. ( I just figured that Lelouch is very strong hearten person, coz wheter he had lost 2 immportant person in his live, he never change his way. And the way he stepped is also become more and more dangerous. Now he had left just C.C. and Nunaly...Poor Lelouch :( )

From the all of the lyric means, all just i wanna say is that this song is really suitable for Code Geass R2... As can be hoped from FLow... :) 4 thumbs For this song!! ^^

Download song here...
Download Flow - World End [Tv Size]


  1. I personally am a fan of the opening theme song, the ending song is alright but the opening is great in my opinion. Dunno what others think though.

  2. The same goes at me.. :) I think the Opening of the Code Geass is always great... ^^

    Anyway, do you know the title of the new ending song by Ali Project?? :p

  3. the ending is "Waga routashi aku no hana". Good article. geass always cool..

  4. Is that?!! I should search and download for it!! :D Yep!! Geass is always cooll!!! Just make me curious for one to another episode...
    Thank you very muchh.. ^^

  5. the ending is "Waga routashi aku no hana". Good article. geass always cool..


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