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Jul 31, 2008

Tomorrow... :D

Huuu.... Tomorrow will be a full surprise for me... It's not coz i'll held my birthday or i've got myself in a 2 month blogging.. :D but it because tomorrow day is the day, when the announcement of the state university's examination result!! Yeah!! I am a 16 years old boy who'll be a freshman this year!! XD And I followed the entry examination, although i've already accepted in a university... :D

Well then, if i just accepted, it'll be a surprise, coz as i knew, the participants were all of the High School Graduation school in Indonesia, and all of them were a crazy smart!!! XD But hopely, there'd less student who choose the university i choose, so the chance would be bigger,then.. XD

Last world!! I hope i can get my hope and i'll be success wherever I'll study on... :) Banzai!!


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