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Jul 31, 2008

Animage Grand Prix 30th

Best Ten Male Character
  1. Lelouch Lamperouge 

Spectator’s Comment :
I like him coz he is on the intellectual group, and in the cool place. His Daily life is also diverted into the great life. Fukuyama Jun, [Lelouch’s Seiyuu] brilliantly acted the male teenager’s side. Although Lelouch is gotten a hard event, but maybe in the end, he will be happy with Nunnally.”
My comment :
“ Kyaa!! No.1 !! as I thought before!! ^^; I think this is a suit stand for Lelouch, as he was a unique character and a great character, very great!! His coolness made everyone will stand for him and hiss geniusness make him can face any strong enemy beneath him. ^^ Yeaa.. Ganbate Lelouch !!”
  1. Setsuna F. Seie

Director’s : Seiji Mizushima
“ Less word... I don’t understand what Setsuna’s think that he can stand in this position. Isn’t it a great success? I just started to like Setsuna, and I thanked to all people who voted on him. Setsuna will be grown in the second season. He will appear well. Just wait for him, will ya!? “

My Comment :
"Second stand, huh? It’s good too as his character. He got anyone around him covered with his cool atmosphere. And his act also do t talk less, do more.. He also had been knowing the meaning of a real hero. ^^”
  1. Kira Yamato 

Producer : Mitsuo Fukuda
“Even the anime had been over, GUNDAM SEED still be a great anime. I thanked everyone to not forgotten Kira. “
  1. Tieria Erde

Spectator’s Comment :
His Appearance with his pilot suit is jus very cool! Even he just introvert in the started, then He can be friend of anywhom, eventually with Lockon

My Comment :
Wheeew… I just shocked to see that Tieria get the 4th. But it’s okay, as long as he was a great character and his act was wonderful. He is a character who didn’t like a betrayal friend and hold a big disciplines beneat him.”
  1. Allelujah Haptism

Spectator’s Comment :
“He likes Kyoko Yoshino and always watch over her. He can smartly spare his double personality. The result, He become an adorable character.”

My Comment :
Omaigaaatt!! The 5th?!! :o a very good achievement for this guy.( I think he would be the last.. :p) But his character is also unique. He just can use his heart in his mission and didn’t want to be suspended with his other personality.”
  1. Sakata Gintoki

Spectator’s Comment :
“ He just playing around, just not thinking for his around. Even tough his humanity and his kindness as a man is very cool.”

My Comment :
“ Yeaaahh.. It’s true.. This guy likes playing very much, and he also a moron! xD But his justice was great and his humanity can be pick up to our life as an example. ^^ ”
  1. Hibari Kyouya


Spectator’s Comment :
I just get spelled with a silent mature man’s atmosphere. Alike a guardian and adventurer man, makes my heart beaten up.Started from now on, I wanna be helped by him.. ^^ ”
  1. Lockon Stratos


Spectator’s Comment :
“ His appearance just like a cool brother! ^^ One of the scratched-heart scene was when he fought with his ancient foe rushly.”

My Comment :
“ Very good character that can calm his comrade’s feeling. Just like a real brother ^^, He is so easy going that everyone around him can catch up with him. “
  1. Abe Takaya

Spectator’s Comment :
“I like his sweet character and his eye sight that looks like funny! More over when he said he like Mihashi.”
  1. Hayate Ayasai

Spectator’s Comment :
“ Although he just a little careless, his seriousness about everything is very good. Started from now, I want to see he has happy with Nagi.”

My Comment :
Omaigaaatttt!! I just very shocked that this character stand up in the 10th !! Hayate is a good advantageous Butler...Ckkkck…Last word, Good luck!!”

That's the result for Animage Grand PRix 30th on Best 10 Male Character.. :)


  1. Ohhhh nice, Glad to see Hayate on there XD. He is awesome...though a bit slow sometimes haha.

  2. Hey where Is Yagami Light?!? I loved that guy. Evil but awesome.

  3. @ Kairu90
    Ohh.. Well then.. I just got a little shocked to see Hayate standing in the #10.. ^^; Just wondering,, is he that great that can made all people heart vote on him,,?? Well.. Maybe yes... Hayate is a very nice person..As you saaid, little bit slow sometimes.. XD But i like him too!! Just can't believe he has beat Suzaku who stand in the #7 last year... ^^;
    Anyway... I haven't watch the anime.. Just read the manga,,, :D

  4. Yeah2!! I wanna Light!!
    The other "Kira" can Stand in the #1 and the #3!!
    But my admired great Light none of the List!! ( i admired him so much.. XD)
    Perhaps it because he has eaten by the time... And many new character was present...??

  5. The only character on the list I like is Gintoki. I agree with BZou and Kairu...Light isn't on the list... Although I prefer L. :'(

  6. Yep.. As you can see here, L nor Light's no where.. As i said before.. Maybe they're eaten by time coz, we know that, sooo many anime heading in this recent years, and so many too get a good responds from their watcher.... That made Death Note and other Anime (such as FMA), lose their fangs...

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