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Aug 26, 2008

Blog Update :)

Uhh... Ohh....
After a week getting pushed by my college senior, finally, i can touch in internet world.. Again... ^^;
Man... I'm so miss Macross F and Code Geass episode that i haven't watch for a week (especially for Macross... - -").. So that, i try to get online as soon as i have no business...
The first thing i do is of course, update this blog, since i left it for a week, it hadn't get a single update and maybe being left by my readers... ^^; The next thing i do is make my new header!!! Yea.. it's my own brand header that i make for one or two full hours!! Hahaha.. finally.. after being bored coz of my past header.. ^^; The next i probably do is commenting to my partner blog.. :), to regain our relationship of course.. ^^

Well.. How do you think about my new header??
And do you have any idea for me to do for the next step?? :)


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