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Aug 25, 2008

College, Here I Come!!

Well, I’ve started a new fresh year in my college, yep it started almost a week ago. It just started a f%$k#ng tiring orientation time!! All a freshmen do is just coming school in a really early morning!! Damn it, we have to come at 6 o’clock in the morning!! (+7 GMT) It’s still a dark morning here, and the worse thing is that the temperature at my way at the college is sooooo coollld since it’s located in a high land. Beside that, my home is a faar away from the university that it cost almost 30 minutes to get to my university from my home by motor cycle. You must’ve felt that was so cold, right? ^^;

The orientation time itself spent me a lotta time, from a dark morning, to a dark afternoon.. ( or we can say that night.,. :D) in a week!! Hahahaaahhaa!! I just get crazy to know that my senior will shout at me all over the day and make angry to me without any reason.. XD The worst thing is that I have no time to connect to the internet nor to write any article to be posted since I’m very busy with the senior’s homeworks given to mee….
So that, I’m so sorry to not be able for posting a single article last week. (hell… I miss watch Macross F too… :( )

Tough, After spending a half a month vacation, I recently made this blog in almost my vacation time, and hey!! I did it!! :D But the end is coming, and I’ve to face a college time as a new college student… Hmmm…. I just thinking how will my day when I am in this college?? First thing I had figured before, is that I’ll get so busy, since, yeah.. that’s what college is, a full day of busy day. Furthermore, my study is at medical subject , Yep. It means I’ll be a doctor, my childhood dreams and I’ll be very busy with the time I’ll be spending there.

The bad things I’ve figured coz of this business is that I’ll be busy so that I may not be able to post an article to this blog as frequently as I do like now. I’ll not be able to online just to watch related anime or manga series I want now, coz I haven’t get money to be spent for an ISP attached to my laptop. Huhuuu… Just like hell.. :(
But after experimenting In BLOGGER IN DRAFT, I just figure to face the posting problem! Yeah!! The scheduled post!! With this, I can manage an article to be posted whenever I want, and coz of that, all thing I need to do is writing a lotta article in the Sunday, for the entire week… Weell.. it’s okay for me since in Saturday and Sunday, my college schedule is free.. So I can concentrate my time in blogging.. :) But for the other problem, I’ll pass.. I realize that in my age, I’ll hardly watch an anime as often as I’ve a year ago. ( but I still can watch it too in my leisure time.)
Although it’s hard to be faced, my dream is coming closer to me as I just got in my college now…. One step closer to be success!!! :D

Anyway, I’ve got many story and many unique thing s from my orientation time,,, :D
Oh yeah, i also have to apologize to Kozta-Boom.. Coz i just put his site now... ^^; So sorry... ^^


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