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Aug 27, 2008

Code Geass R2 Episode 20 Review


This Episode containing the coup d’etat beyond Shneizel and Suzaku upon the Emperor. Well, yeah, it’s what are they doing. It’s likely Schneizel had planned this plan since He knew his Father, is the one who aiming for the warfare just for a game. Suzaku himself was likely full of all the failure he gets from being patient and just beg for the Emperor to gain Japan. What i said!? Suzaku is helping Lelouch and changed side?!!

The escape of Lelouch was unable to be searched. They lost him. And Black Knight finally anaounced that their leader, Zero was died. Hmm. Yeah.. They all didn’t have any credits for Zero, who taken them to this state. All traitor...

PhotobucketEyes Of Geass
PhotobucketJust Like Ghost
And Hey!? What Happen with Anya!? She likely got herself controled with Geass and somehow she can come to the C.C.’s world and transformed to Marianne?! Well my thought is that Mariane get a Geass to move her soul to another from C.C., since we’ve seen from the episode 11, C.C. And Mariane had a close relationship. And Marianne spied to Anya’s body afterwards. Hueehh.. More complex and unrevealed problem sticking....

 PhotobucketMany Geass Throne
PhotobucketThat Bastard Eyes
The Emperor is heading to Kamine Island and in his journey, it seemed that he managed all of the Geass ancient ruin all over the world to active a system called “ragnarok”. No idea what this is, but it seemed that this system can destroy the world,,, yeah, i guess destroy the real world and make a new world based of the Emperor’s mind-world.

PhotobucketWanna Dance??
PhotobucketI like this eyes..
Meanwhile, Lelouch starting to order a bunch of  people to start his plan.. Just see.. What’ll happen next....

 PhotobucketAre you mad??

Suzaku is full with the fact about the Geass, his failure in making a useless act until this day, and decide to wiped it out wholely. Schneizel also finally find out what his father up to, coz of the information of Geass, then, He comes up with Coup d Etat. Yep, he lent a hand on Suzaku so that he can be Knight of One, but first he should assasinate the Emperor first. Well, Shneizel know everything but no for the immortality. But, hey!! Now Everyone is beyond Lelouch side!!

PhotobucketLook that red eyes...
 Suzaku is heading to the Emperor assasinate, but unfortunatelly, all of his moves was readable. The Knight of One, Lord Weldstein, is also knowing about the Geass and fully serve for the Empror, not as a started to born as a traitor boy, like Suzaku. Oh boyy... Still hidden, but it likely Weldstein has Geass attached in his left eye. Wonder what is it, since Suzaku is no good to make him open his Geass but to run  like a mouse.

PhotobucketTaste the darkness...

PhotobucketCool enterance.. XD

When Suzaku is facing the end of weldstein's sword, Lelouch is coming with a cool opening. Once Again, Lelouch save Suzaku’s life. Apparently, Lelouch plan is to control the britannian army that finding for him to be destroyed by their ally. So he can face his Father easilly. Oh well, Anya or Marianne also come and maybe she will help his son out with the wicked C.C.

PhotobucketLelouch Eyes.. So cooll... XDPhotobucketFather and the son's eye....Any different?? :p
PhotobucketThe exploding gate
PhotobucketSomething Terrible then...

Finally, Lelouch managed himself to do a final battle with his father in the world of Akasha, Apparently, Lelouch main plan is to lock the Emperor eternity within the world of his mind by destroying the door. Pretty smart as always...

PhotobucketYou scary old man??
PhotobucketWinning laugh.. Or he got toothache??XD

Having everyone left him, Lelouch finally decide to no more lose anyone except sacrifice his own life. Well, it’s a real hereo i think....

The final journey is coming closer. With unpredictable result facing them... Who is right?? What’sbehind Marianne appearance?? What about the Ragnarok System?? And how about Lelouch desteny??

Check it out for the next stage!

Other Screen shots

PhotobucketUwaaa!! It's scary!! XDD

PhotobucketHey you! Have any paracetamol?? This girl got headache!!

PhotobucketSo moe-ish!!XD

PhotobucketIs C.C. owned her own gallery??

PhotobucketCute C.C... ^^

PhotobucketCan you deliver me a double size pizza??

PhotobucketNani?! My Guildford die?!! How bout his child now?! XDD

PhotobucketCan you see my style??

PhotobucketBurnt land

PhotobucketLook at my hand!! i just got it manicured!! XDD



  1. last episode coming soon! too exciting!

  2. Yepp!!!

    It just way too exciting to go to the end!! More complex story, more mystery heading, and it just will get its end already.,,,

    Wonder what will happen in the end!! XD

    Or maybe, there still the third season?? ( i hear this from a magazine that CG will be made for 4 season!!Dunno is that right...)

  3. I swear the whole Marianne being Anya thing threw me off badly, did not see it coming. Any idea if Marianne transferred consciousness into Anya or did she transform to look like anya, mad confusing.


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