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Aug 28, 2008


Last month, accurately at July, 2nd 2008, VAMPS had released their first single Titled Love Addict. This song is ontain 2 single hits There are :
01. Love Addict
02. Time Goes By

Love Addict is a song hat has it lyrics written in English. Ths lyric is very cheerful, powerful, and rocked and rolled out!! XD Yep, he song genre is Rock and Roll. Hyde's rocking's Voice absolutely leaked out in this songs!! :D Yet it rock and rolled, it's still beautiful song with a deep meaning. :)

For the second track, Times Goes By, they claimed that this song is written rushly... XD Yet this song written rushly, it doesn't mean that this song is fishy... :) The song started with a mellow-ish melody guitar, then suddenly, hard rocked arrangements break the silence and make a big appearance trough the end of the song! Very cool music!! :D

Final words, it's not impossible for this single hit the #4 chart as it was released, since this single is very-very cool!! Not worthy to be heard! And you must hear this too, especially for the J-Rock and L'Arc Lovers!! ^^;

Download The Single..


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