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Aug 12, 2008

J-Music Band this Week



Hmm... Have you ever heard the names VAMPS??

Hyde, who's the singer of the band L'Arc~en~Ciel, was formed this band from the started of this year with K.A.Z. as his solo-project. But who's K.A.Z??
K.A.Z. was ever had himself work under Tetsu's solo project in Tetsu 69 and Hyde in his solo Project. Acctualy, this band was "planned" long time ago by these people. They've planned this, when K.A.Z newly joined to Aqua Spin. So that, K.A.Z. refuse Hyde's offering. But their colaboration didn't stop there. Along with Hyde, K.A.Z. joined a team with him to produce his solo project song in Faith Album. That colaboratin truely was the future of VAMPS. :)

Actually Hyde doesn't call VAMPS as a band, it just a duo band, with the additional band player. Well, many reason behind it Hyde ever said that if  VAMPS moved with many band member, they can't badly shared their concentration in their own band.

As usual, Hyde's performance is quite different as he did in L'Arc~En~Ciel. his solo project usually done by his hard beautiful rock voice. Well, that's the characteristic of Hyde... :) And with collaborating with K.A.Z. It makes the arrangements get difference.

To promote VAMPS, they usually do a live concert.with the small one to bigger one. Their upcoming concert will be held on  1st August at Zepp Sendai and will end their tour concert on October 28th. This is actually their first Concert Tour.... :)

Last month, accurately,July, 2nd 2008, they had released their new single Titled Love Addict. ( I'll discuss it later on.. :p)


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