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Aug 11, 2008

Many Things Happen This Weeks!! :o

Ummhh... There mainly 3 big things that happen to me this week... :D
The first thing is about this blog... Well, as you can see in my right-near-bottom-sidebar, there is a hit counter to my blog. Yea!! It's showing me 1000 hits!! OMG!! this is an evolution to me!!
As i just get blogging this lately month and dunno anything about blogsphere .
Oh yeah, actually, that counter was attached here about a month (or a month and half??) after i started blogging here, the reality bout the hits that've been tracked to this site is more than 2000... :D,( i saw it in my visitor report.. :p) Oh, but this thing have already makes me happy... ^^
Even i have that old in blogsphere, but the commenting content is still lacking... XD I dunno why, maybe coz of the content, or my laziness to promote my content?? Or whatever?? Umm.. if you could, can you gimme the solution for this?? :)
Man, but i thanked to you who visiting this blog regularly and giving them a read,,,Arigatou Gozaimasu.... :)

The second thing that happen to me is that after got my P.C. Broken Down, i just repair it to the service center. S**tly it didn't affect anything after i brought there!!
The P.C. is still broken, and even that, i have to paid Rp.25.000 for that!! Huh.. !! ( actually when i brought my pc to the service center, it has recovered a little bit...But after i brought it, it became broken again... T.T) But Fortunately, i got my new Laptop that day!! XD It makes me happy then, furthermore, my Laptop is something good in its specification!! XD It has a Core2Duo T3700 2.0 Ghz Processor, with 160 GB HD, 14" wide screen, 1 GB RAM, 512 MB graphic cards ATI blablabla names,,, with a genuine Windows Vista Home Premium... :p Quite enough for me that'll live in unrelated computer or gamming life. :) But hell yah!! Vista makes me hard to configure everything in my hand!! The damn User Account Control that vista has, is really annoying!! Man, i don't think that this feature is this annoying!! I've to find idea to remove it but.. I can't... Second problem i can't fix... T.T

The third. Hmm.. As a freshman college student, i've to go to school again after took a longg. longgg holiday that i spent for my blogging time.. :). Finally, the date will nearly reached August 16th. That means, i soon will go to my new school life!! Well, my college is far, far away from my current house, it located in the abroad island, And i'll go there tomorrow. So, i hope i can got a good ISP (Internet Service Provider) there with a cheap prize, or i can get a comfortable internet cafe there to continue my blogging time.. :)

Me myself maybe cannot get online for maybe 2-5 days coz of my movement. But i already scheduled my post for about 6-8 days later.. :) But hey!! New life is awaiting for me!! i'll life in my own, alone, and i have to be stand alone boy in my new place!! :D Is that every teenage want for this age?? :D But hmm.. I also get a bit sad for this.. Coz of something big that'll happen for this movement... :( Huuuhh... But we must sacrifice something to get something bigger, and we can't look back when we left.... Everyone had their own dream and we cannot banned that... :)

Btw, I need everyone prey for my departure and new life... :D


  1. grats on the 1000 hits man! Best of luck and I hope more is to come!

  2. Thanx...
    Yeah.. Hope more.. ^^

    Anyway, how bout yours?? 10000??:p

  3. congrats on 1k hits!! ^^

    anyway, if you're annoying with UAC then turn it off. Here's guide

  4. Thanx.. ^^

    Okay.. i'll check it out soon.. :)


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