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Aug 9, 2008

Manga Release - Naruto 412

Naruto Chapter 412 - Fear Like they've never known before

This chapter is really amazing!!
Well.. Sasuke who in the last chapter got himself stung with the 8 tails' sword, luckily can surpass from the death, he has been saved with his teammate, Suigetsu. He prevent Sasuke for the second attack! Well...This fight is really amazing tough now they're moving as a team!
Sasuke who's bleeding coz of the sword stung, get healed immediately after sucking Karin's Chakra.

Meanwhile, in Naruto's training, he hasn't yet complete the training. And he use Kagebunshin to increase the training's time method. ..

In other side, the fighting between Sasuke's team and the 8 tails still happen. It seems difficult for the 8 tails to beat them in the team form. And finally, The 8 tails will use his Bijuu !!

How will Naruto's train Result??
What Happen to 8 tails and Sasuke's fight??!!!

Geh!! I cannot predict how will happen to the next chapter,, But the combat sure will be a great fight!!

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 412


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