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Aug 8, 2008

On The Cinema

Ghost In the Shell 2.0

Another movie that was aired n 12 July was Ghost in the Shell 2.0. This movie wasn’t something new.. Well yeah,, this is a 1995 movie that was altered in all direction as it look new and fresh. This Mamoru Oshii’s hand art was getting altered with adding some graphical computer effects and digital effect, and then, the gathered between the seiyuus to get recorded under 6.1 Surround technologi…
The surprise is that the Sound mixer who worked here was Randy Thom, Academic award’s obatainer in Sound mixer that ever handle Ghost in the Shell 2 : Innocence, the Incredible, and the Right Stuff.Hmmm… Hope I can see this movie soon…. It looks cool… :)

More Resource Can be found here..Anime News Network


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