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Aug 3, 2008

My Pc crashed down.. T.T

huhu.. today, i got my pc error.. I dunno why.. It can't be turned on, coz it can't booting properly! Hell!
i didn't do anything last night.. there's no virus,no prob at all..
Well i just can't write any article until it get fixed and it means i cant blogging ! Baka ne...
fortunately, i have one scheduled post 4 tomorow..
note: this post is made by mobile blogging and it's like hell to write from the ancient mobile phone...


  1. haha. good luck fixing your pc! safari works well for viewing your blog too. btw, i've got some code geass photos from wonfest.
    check my blog or check here.

  2. Yeah.. I must get it fixed soon since this cursed ancient mobile phone is too slow to type a word! XD
    O yeah?! good news then! :D My work to fix my blog get paid! :)
    Okay, i'll check it out as soon as my PC get fixed.. :) and bout the blogroll, please wait a too.. ^^' sorry..


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