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Aug 2, 2008

Summer Holiday In Japan

Well…. In a four season country, you can find that there’ll a long.. looong holiday.
And every single season has it own mean. Just like in Japan. Every season having their own festival that will be launch, what food was popularly served, or what cloth will they use.
Summer is one of the season when student in Japan take a long holiday. Compared with Spring or Winter Holiday, Summer is preferred by them since it has more holiday, except in Hokaido.

In Japan, Summer usually started with the Wet season that usually called as Tsuyu. After that, summer will be full of  hot and humid day. But it doesn’t make people to stay in the house. They have many thing to do since it was a holiday. Some may think to back to their hometown, some will choose to go picnic, some will do a part time job.. Well, I prefer to stay at home, tough.. :p

For the elementary student, especially for children, they usually fill their day with joining a school field trip or do they own picnic with their family. There also a school club activity as they do a school tournament, or to staying together somewhere.

But… Since they will fill their day with holiday, teacher usually give them so many homework to do, so they can still remember the lesson they got. As it is so  many, there, they have two choice to do it, Finish them first, then having fun, or having fun first then do it in hurry in the last day… XD A good way to end the holiday huh? XD Funnily, there usually found a student who did the second!! XD Hmm.. Maybe that’s why in some anime, we can find that person… :D

Therefore, there not all student can be relax and doing fun when it comes the summer. There must be a near-graduating class, that they must study hard in order to pass the entrance exam in their favorite school.  This kind of Summer study also called by Jyukken Benkyou.

Summer Holiday is also a time when they hold a cultural festival in July and August. Especially for Obon festival, when Japanese get themselves gather with their family.

There also Hanabi Taikai. An event where they fire a big mount of Fireworks (Hanabi)!!

The most popular Firework show is in the Sumida river that was held in Tokyo at the last Saturday in July.

Well, are you planning to go to Japan at Summer?? There you can find special foods and drink.... Since it sounds interesting.. and we can study their culture, especially for the Hanabi Taikai that was having a chronological history behind… :)

By the Way,, Anyone can add what else we can do while having Summer holiday in Japan?? :)  Or maybe, you have your own daily in spending your summer?? :)


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