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Aug 7, 2008

On The Cinema

Gegege no Kitaro : Sennen Noroi Uta


In the July, 12th , there was a movie aired in Japan’s cinema. It was the live action of Gegege no Kitaro. This live action movie was adapted from the manga created by Shigeru Mizuki, that this time titled: Gegege no Kitaro: Sennen Noroi Uta. This film was producted by Shochiku Company that directored by Katsuhide Motoki, with his actor, Wentz Eiji, as Kitaro.


In a rainy night, a girl get lost after hearing a cursed song, Kagome Uta. Kitaro and friends, come to investigate that mysterious case. They know that the fact it is linked to a tragic event abut a prohibit love that happened in the 1000 years ago. Behind that case, apparently, there was a intrigue between wicked yokai and their adherent to curse mermaid that falling in love with a human. While he must fight with his enemy, Kitaro must face the conflict about his personality beyond himself.

What’s the mystery behind the cursed song??
Can Kitaro Save the world??
Anyone had watched this??
Well.. movie is perfect for you who loves a traditional story and mystic story about myth in Japan... And how knows this kind of movie also brought the real history too??

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