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Aug 14, 2008

What's Up?! - Bounen No Xamdou - New Anime in Fall season

Bounen No Xamdou

Akiyuki Takehara [Seiyuu : Atsushi Abe], a boy aged 16, live in a small island named Sentan. One Day, while he was going to school with his friends, Haru Nishimura [Seiyuu : Fumiko Orisaka] and Furuichi Teraoka [Seiyuu: Shinnosuke Tachibana], there was a sudden explosion. A light suddenly appear in that explosion that makes Akiyuki transformed to a creature called Xamdou. This creature becomes wild until a mysterious girl, named Namiaki [Seiyuu: Yuko Sanpei], comes to face it.

Bounen no Xamdou is a new project from the Studio Bones’ animator that ever success with their anime, Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka 7. The Director is trusted to Masayuki Miyaji, while the character design is trusted to Ayumi Kurashima. The Mecha design is handled by Kimitoshi Yamane, Kenji Mizuhata, and Seichii Hashimoto.
The air time of this anime is still unknown.

Well, can this anime being as success as is former anime?? How do you think then??


  1. what kind of anime is this going to be?

  2. Hmm no idea what this anime is about but I liked Eureka 7 and Loved Full Metal Alchemist sooo I will definitely give this a shot in the fall.

  3. Well.. I think this anime will be a mecha story anime seasoning with school life... Just like Macross F..? And perhaps it'll mixed with science??

    Well.. I too will wait this anime.. Sounds cool with their former anime, FMA ... :)

  4. Man I want to knows what will anime looks like when it done. ^^"

  5. Yep... Think it will be cool... ^^


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