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Aug 15, 2008

What Japanese Eat in Summer??

As I said before, in Japan, every single season affect to the food there’d usually served as they felt that it would tasty more... Well then, there are some foods and drinks that is deliciously eaten in Summer!! ^^ (gulp.. I just feel hungry… ^^; )

For the food, here is the most served Food in the Summer


Well, in my country, it was called as sate, since the Tori ( Chicken) that is the ingredient of this food is roasted up.. The difference is that Yakitori has a bigger spice of the Tori, and the sauce. Yakitori’s chicken is sliced in a big amount of size, after that, the chicken is stabbed in a bamboo stick, and then get them seasoned with Tare. Tare is a sauce that is made by Mirin, Sake, ketchup, and sugar. After that, the chicken is ready to be roasted. When it’s already ripe, then we can eat them with salt (?), lemonade (?) or dye it on the Tare sauce. Hmm.. Sounds yummy!! :D Isn’t it?? :p


Kabayaki s a food that is made from the seafood fillet that is dyed in the sweet sauce before they got roasted. But, now a day, this name of food usually used for Unagi Kabayaki ( roasted ell ). Since Edo era, roasted ell was a popular one when it served in the summer since it contains many nutrition and believed can deport our stamina back… :) ( also describe in Yakitate Japan.. :D)
There are difference for the Unagi Kabayaki serving between Kanto and Kansai area. In Kanto, the ell is sliced from the back and then boiled up before it gotten roasted. In Kansai, the ell is sliced from the stomach and directly roasted after then. Unagi Kabayaki can be eaten directly, or can be served with rice.
The different name also be given with the way it served. If the Unagi was served in a bowl, it’s called as Unadon ( Unagi donburi ), while if it’s served in the bento Bako (Bento box) It’s called Unaju. Wheewww…. How is its taste?? I wanna one!! :D


Soumen is a Japanese traditional noodle which white colored and has very thin shape. Soumen is usually served in cold, with tsuyu, or broth sauce. Soumen is eaten with dye it onto the tsuyu,, not pouring by tsuyu. The broth sauce that is usually used was made by Katsuobushi adding with onion and myouga ( Japanese ginger). When Summer comes, Soumen is served with ice to keep its coldness… Cold Soumen is one of the most favorite food in Summer, well, it’s for Japan. Beside it served in cold, Soumen can also be served in warm, but of course, in a hot sweaty day, everyone just prefer the cold one… ^^;

Some Restaurant in Japan served nagashi Soumen ( Flowing Soumen). Yup.. The Soumen here is served with flowing it in a special duct that is made by bamboo. That duct flows the ice and the soumen. When the soumen is passing by, the guest will be forced to catch the soumen with the chop stick since the soumen that is passed to the end won’t be eaten. After catch the soumen, they dye it to the sauce before the soumen is eaten…
Mmmm… A unique way to eat something cold, eh?? XD Is it taste good?? Perhaps… :p


Soba is a special noodle in Japan that is made by soba flour. Soba can be served in warm with a broth sauce, or you prefer it served cold dry-ed after being leaked through.Cold soba usually served in a plate called by Zaru, so that, the soba served there is called as zaru soba. Zaru soba usually served with aonori as the topping. Zaru soba’s way to eat is the same as the Soumen, yep, dye it to the tsuyu. But the different is that the tsuyu used here is the tsuyu made from Katsuoboshi broth or kanbu with kaeshi( a kind of sauce) and mirin. If you wanna add the strong smell of it, you can add Wasabi, onion wakame, or ginger to be mixed on it…..


Yakisoba is a kind of fried noodle that is usually sold in a matsuri (Festival) that is held in the Summer. Although there is word “soba” on it, this noodle isn’t made with soba flour, unless by wheat flour and the form is likely the noodle from Ramen. Yakisoba usually cooked with Pig Meat inside, the slice of vegetables ( Cabbage, bean sprout, and carrot) then, it’s added with Sousu (A special sauce made for Yakisoba), salt,and pepper. After being cooked, Yakisoba is poured with a special topping made from aonori, beni shouga, katsuobushi, and mayonnaise.  Yakisoba can also be eaten with bread ( the yakisoba is filled in the middle of the bread). This kind of yakisoba is called by Yakisoba-pan.. This yakisoba pan is ever being a bread contest in Yakitate Japan… ^^’
There also an instant yakisoba. We can buy it from the supermarket.. :)
Hmmm.. I wonder how’s the taste of yakisoba?? I wanna eat it unless with the pig meat… - -“

Hoho.. That's special food usualy served in Japan... If you have a chance to eat it, which one you'd like to eat the most?? And then, Does your country has a special food like this in a current season?? Mention it here!! ^^

Picture and news taken from Wikipedia


  1. good detective work there ^^. just an addition to your kabayaki section. there are 2 days a year, in summer, that is designated "eat unagi day". i wrote about it a little while back

    imo, soumen's the best! especially on a hot day! 冷麺 (rei men) or cold noodles, is also a good way to beat the heat! ^^

  2. Haha,, Yeah.. I'm S, the Detective!! XD
    Yep.. I've already added your article for that..:)

    Ahh.. I envy you who lived at Japan!! Btw, how the taste of the Soumen.. ??^^;

  3. laperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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