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Aug 17, 2008

What's Up?! - Yozakura Quartet - New Anime in Fall season

Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet [ Quartet of Cherry Blossoms in the Night], tell about four girls, Hime, Ao, Kotocha, And Akina Hizumi, who has job to protect Sakurashin Town from the attack of a supernatural creature. Hime is a 16 years old girl who has a strong physical power altogether as the sakurashin’s Mayor for 8 years [Although She is a youth one.. ^^;] Ao is a mind-reader, yep, someone who can read people’s mind. Kotoha is a magician, And Akina Hiizumi, he is a weak boy aged 18 years old.

Sakurashin might looked as a normal town, but this town actually a town that is arounded with 7 mystic pillar  that is called as Nanagou. Nanagou is a place where human and yokai can live together. Nanagou also make a problem such as creating an energy wave that can make a damae.

This anime is adapted from a manga titled Yozakura Quartet, written by Suzuhito Yasuda that s released in Kodansha since 2006.

For you, Yozakura Quartet manga readers, this anime is perfect to be listed on your anime watch list... As it can make your curious leaked, you can also see your fave chara hanging around in the anime.... :)


  1. Honestly never even heard of this, though since I am more keen to manga I might pick it up and watch the anime later.

  2. I also added this to my watch list... I Just curious with this anime... Btw, where can i download the scanlation of this manga??


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