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Sep 6, 2008

Bounen No Xam’d - First (or fifth?) Impression

Xam’d might not unfamiliar for you since I got them pre-viewed in the last post. Well, this anime produced by Bones studio, is really got my attention. Looking their former anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka 7, I believe that this anime will good either.

Firstly, coz this anime’s air time didn’t get announced before, I got shocked when I download an anime and saw this anime is already available and hey! It’s already got their 7th episode now!! Directly, I download them and watch them since I still have a week fasting vacation in my college.

Well, as I said before, this anime will be full of mecha and twist story. Not a sudden thing coz that is BONES Studio land. They usually provide us a twisted mysterious anime and BONES also fame with their mecha-based story.

I personally think that this anime is really twisted, with just see the first episode, you wouldn’t know anything yet about the story. But then, if you get closer to the next episode, a still unclear conclusion can be take or maybe, there’ll more twist in your head.. ^^; Me myself had watched until the 5th episode and still confused what’s happen with this anime?! XD

Well, this anime is tell us about a boy, who got a power from a white haired girl who self-destruct herself in a school bus. The boy then transformed to a creature that is called Xamdou and lost his control. He gained hiself again when he meets girl named Namiaki after he fight with another weird creature called Human form. I still dunno what human form is, but as far as I understand, it’s a creature, like xamdou, but has its controller inside. Then, Namiaki brought him to her place to teach Akiyuki’s Xamdou power’s control.

Akiyuki then lived in a shipping plane with the member of the deliver shipping plane and train here with a strange training…. ^^;

Oh yeah, once more, this anime is still stick with military as FMA did. Since the background of this anime is at the war between Southern government and Northern government. And with the first impression, we can see many soldier in this anime. And also, this anime full of weird alien-creature,, ^^;

Last word, This anime is worth enough to be watched. While it still twisted, but it’s their top point. And I believe, this anime is so good in the end… Furthermore, the character design is so clean,as people hope at BONES... Makes our sight fresh..  :)

Anyway, you, hadn’t watch this anime, go to your anime download site and download it directly!!! XD


  1. a mecha anime u said. which fansubs group is subbing?

  2. @ Gordon
    Ehm....Not too mecha-ish i think....
    as Far as i watch, there just a little kind of mecha-ish stuff, like a machinary robot called ASP to fight the humanforms, then the cool plane, and someother like that. Can it be called by mecha?? ^^;

    Dunno who got them subbed... I'm not too concerning about it... ^^;

  3. Thank you you guys for checking my blog.. ^^

  4. Wow. Superb stuff for anime lovers. Its simply great.

  5. Interesting description!

  6. Where can I download it from?


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