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Sep 18, 2008

Code Geass R2 - Original Soundtrack

So busy to make a single post, so i just could share this to you.. ^^, anyway, this is my first time to post an article via hotspot on my campus.. ^^;

This is the background music of Code Geass R2...
Up to you what would you do with the song, you can just collect it, rather wise, you can make it as a lullaby.. ^^;

So Sorry for not combine it to one rar files... It coz of Lack of internet speed..... - - "
Otherwise, Enjoy.. :)


1. The Knight
2. Sensibility
3. Madder Sky
4. Beautiful Emperor
5. Deeply Fast
6. Crooked Diaries
7. Memory of 0
8. Across the Borderline
9. World Depression
10. Super Natural
11. Love is Justice
12. Death Work
13. Lullaby of M
14. If I were a Bird
15. What am I?
16. Concealment
17. Area11
18. World Depression
19. All-out Attacks
20. Prodigy
21. The Master
22. Siegfried
23. Grand Fleet
24. Waga Routashi Aku no Hana (TV ver.)


  1. Hey man thanks for the OST, I always did like alot of the songs on CG.

  2. You're welcome... ^^

    Enjoy it, then... ^^

  3. Thanks, my wife was just talking about how she wanted a couple of these songs. ^^


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