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Sep 21, 2008

Library is my new Home?! WTF?!!

It's hard to believe. But, for me, a days without going to Library is a futile day now! D: O maigaaaddd!!! What am i thinking about!? When i was at high school, i never touch the library, but after being a college student just as now, it began a needs for life to just visit a library!

Hell yeah, but it's true!! D:

It began after the first time i got my first homework and assignment, Dunno where to go to find the knowledge matter, i decided to go to my campus Library. Hell yea! It's very nice Library! So different with my high school library! Furthermore, there're many computers lay behind, unfortunately without internet connection. The bookshelf also managed well, makes me got easy to find a book that i want. The book title available there also quite enough for me, since, i can find the Indonesian version of the book or the english version of the book that i think its way more complete than the Indonesian version.

The most and the main thing why i got comfortable in the library is that library providing an free internet access via hotspot (Wi-fi)! Oh mymyyyy!!! Now, i don't have to go to internet cafe just to download an anime, or manga that i want and spend my money there, all i need is a laptop and a free time to go to Library! XD

Actually, when there was a long vacuum time between the next lecture, i always go to the library. It cost me about 3-5 hours to read a book or do my assignment there (With laptop showing a download progress of anime video. XD) and at least 30 minutes if i had no long time. I rather choose to stay at library than going homeo my residence in a long time like that since my residence is far a way from my university. Than spend a lot time to just go home and go back to school, i better stay at library. XD

In the library also, i got many friends that has the same fate as i am. And we usually spend our time together there.. XD

If it's calculated, one one fourth of my daily college time i spend at library. XD ahhh... Library is my new home, huh??

How about you?? Do you also spend your much time at library?? Or you also get addicted with your library??


  1. i don't usually go to the library unless i'm checking out a book. ^^.

  2. I Go to Library coz they have so many cool books.. ^^'

    I am to broke to buy so many medical book actually... ^^'

  3. Library.. I have not been to one in a long time. ^^;

  4. Ahhh.... You should visit them then.. ^^, The source of the knowledge..


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