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Sep 10, 2008

Flash News

KAT-TUN Concert in Tokyo Dome

KAT-TUN -an idol group from Johny’s Jimusho- Have been finishing their tour all around Japan with their final concert in Tokyo Dome. The concert tour itself was held 4 days full in front of 55000 KAT-TUN’s fans every days. This concert made KAT-TUN be the first Japanese artist that ever held a concert in 4 days full.

10 years anniversary Concert from PS Company

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, PS Company will hold a big concert. This concert themed Peace and Smile Carnival will be held in Nihon Budokan at January 9th.. Still Much time to save your money, nee… :p

As an opening, PS Company will show SuG and Screw band. But the really main big star of the concert itself are Miyavi, Kaggra, , Kra, The Gazette, and Alice Nine.. Kyaaa!! So many big J-Band!! :D

For you, who wanna present in this big concert, the ticket is already available in November 22nd 2008 with prize ¥ 7,875….


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