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Sep 9, 2008

Robot Generation In Japan

Generally, Japanese has a great enthusiast about all kind of robot. Some popular manga and anime like Astro Boy might forming a big contribution in the positive thought of Japanese about robot. Yeah, while in some country, they thought that robot is something that must be warn about their creation, since they're scared that robot can exchange the presence of human being.

The history about robot in Japan had started from the Edo Era (1603-1867). The robot this day is something formed like a mechanical doll, named Karakuri Ningyo. Wheeww.. A good history, make up the future, heh,,,

Robot started their development in 1973, by Ichiro Kato, a Professor from Waseda University. He made WABOT-1, the first humanoid robot, that has a pair of hand and, leg, and eyes that is attached a pair of cameras inside. Then, in this day, many kind of robot is being developed, the most popular one are…


Asimo is a humanoid robot that is being created by HONDA MOTOR COMPANY. Its height is 130 cm with weight up to 54 kg. Looks alike little astronaut that brings a backpack and can walk in its two legs with velocity up to 6 km/hours.

Asimo is an acronym that means Advance Step in Innovative Mobility. Based on Honda’s declaration, the given name of Asimo isn’t related with the writer of a sci-fi and the founder of Three Laws of Robotics, Isaac Asimov.

There’ve been counted 46 units of mass product Asimo in the 2007. The cost of its production nearly count as A million Dollar each!! Some of them can be rent with cost at $ 166,000 , per year.

Asimo can detect moving things with the camera attached in its head. It can detect many thing’s movement, predict the way and where it’s from, detect posture and gesture, detect the object and the environment around, and also move for his safety and human’s around him. From example, detect the danger of stairs, stop when there are human or things.

Asimo can also differ human’s sound and another things sound. Asimo can respond when his name is called, facing someone who talked to him, and fast detect a falling things and respond it directly to the source of the sound. Asimo can remember at most 10 someone face even when they are moving. Asimo can also call their name.

Wheew.. What a lot advantages!! Just imagine, if in just this darkness era, a robot can be made that sophisticated, what will be made in the next age? GUNDAM?? :p


Actroid is a human like humanoid robot that is developed by Osaka University that is produced by Kokoro Company Ltd. . Firstly introduced in Robot Exposition in 2003 at Tokyo, Japan. Many product with different version is created afterwards. Actroid usually take Japanese young woman form.

Actroid is one of the example of android’s or gynoid’s mastermind. Actroid able to express by winking its eyes, talking, and breathing. Its skin is made by silicon. Man, it looks like the real one!

It counted more than 47 moving censor attached in the upper body of actroid. It means it can act naturally fast like human. But, the down body’s movement is still limited. Actroid can be rent within its costume for ¥ 400,000 for 5 days including choreography’s cost. Usually for being a receptionist. Far expensive than just pay for the real receptionist, huh...?


Q-Rio (Quest for curiosity) is a given name from Sony Dream Robot (SDR) for a humanoid robot that is launched by Sony to follow the former robot’s success, AIBO. Q-RIO’s height is 0,6 meter and weight is 7,3kg. Q-RIO can remember face and sound In order to remember someone.


Wakamaru is a robot, created by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries that is created in order to be partner for the old ages or penyandang cacat. This robot is yellow colored with height 1 m and weight in 30 kg. Wakamaru has a pair of hand and the flat base that diameter is 45 cm. Wakamaru first 100 units is being sold in September 2005 at $ 14,000 each.
Wakamaru’s OS is Linux on multiple microprocessor. Can be connected to the net and has a little speak ability. Wakamaru can also acted for a drugs-drink time reminder and searching for help if detect something dangerous happen.


AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) Is one of the animal based robot that is created by SONY in the 1999. AIBO can walk, know its environment around and detect an order. With installing a software called AIBO-ware, AIBO has ability to “growth” from puppy to a mature dog that can understand 100 sound order. Without AIBO ware, AIBO just can running clinic mode and do a simple movement.


iDog is a dog robot that is planned and produced by SEGA Toys and Hasbro. iDog reacted by dance if there is a music sound is played with tempo is based from the music’s sound. Well, Gadget? Or Robot??

That's what happen in Japan this recently years,
So many development were made...
And there's question appear on me...
Will Human being be replaced by Robot??
What do you think guys?

Leave your comment pleasse... :)


  1. Not to a certain extent. Robots' AI are only as good as the mind that makes them. Then again, you never know. I suppose we can co-exist with androids though, since they are indeed the way to go for humanity, for many useful purposes and reasons.

    Actoid looks like a real human.

  2. i don't think humans will be replaced by robots anytime soon. ^^ at least not in our lifetime.

  3. Damn...i got a really bad headache reading your post...Think you should like remove that transparency effect with the background you go goin there...

  4. Isn't Actroid going a bit too far? I swear she's a real person o.o

  5. @ Panther
    Yea.. Think that android can do that.. But,if we look closer, an AI robot also can do that, since they're used for a specialization job too. It's not an impossible that they can take human's job and it means they co-exist us..

    @ K
    HOho... Lucky us... ^^

    I also think that In the first sight.. But after take a more read. Just realize that it was a robot... ^^;

  6. @ Anonymous
    Thanx for the critic..
    And here you go!! A new template design for you.. ^^

    Hope it's not making any headache anymore to the other.. ^^;


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