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Sep 24, 2008

What a Seiyuu?! - Jun Fukuyama

Everyone must know this guy, Yep! He is a seiyuu behind so many great anime, one of them is CODE GEASS.! Oh welll.... He got all of what Lelouch want to say! He trully get his character and play it so well i think. No doubt that he can get a stair both of in the Animage Grand Prix 2007, best 10 Seiyuu, and Anime Grand Prix the Best Seiyuu #1!

Jun Fukuyama has so many nick name, let's just call him Jun, Jun Jun, Junii, or Fukujun. XD. This guy was born in Osaka at November 26th 1978. His dream to be a seiyuu not coming from himself, but because, the girl he loves before, wanna be a seiyuu. Because of that, Jun and the girl follow the seiyuu audition.

Before being a profesional seiyuu as he was now a day, Jun ever got his study at Seiyuu agency at Aoni Production. And at 1999, when he was 20 years old, he join to become a junior seiyuu at his agency.
But then, after a year stay there, he moved to Production Baobab seiyuu Agency and still stay until now aday.

Jun Started his career by becoming a seiyuu at anime Lodoss Shima Senki (1998), and at Muteki Ou Tri-Zenon, as Akira Kamui. After that, he was offered in many well-known anime such Bleach, Blood +, Hellsing, etc. However, just as a minor character. ^^

Afterwhile, he got an offer to work as a main character at Angelic Layer, Cluster Edge, Gankutsou, Kiddy Grade, etc. He usually played as a humorous person, or as a teenager. But his real ability was leaked when he played as a demonish sound character in anime Innocent Venus, Black Blood Brothers, and Jigoku Shoujo. XD

He also played a theme song for anime Cluster Edge, and also the ending of La Corda D'Oro ~Primo Passo~. Hmmm... Wonder how was it.. XD

His name as a well-known seiyuu get rocketed and also started to write his name at well known anime as a seiyuu, such as being Watanuki at xxxHolic, Kazuki Muto in Busou Renkin, and finally, as Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass.

When being Lelouch, Jun admit that being him is a hard but easy step. When a recording proccess, Jun confess that he must boil over all his Evil's Side! XDD

His favorite word when being Lelouch was " Clovis o koroshita, kono watashi da!" (the one who kill Clovis is me!)


  1. He has played too many gay roles too, not the least of which is Lelouch. Before that he was pretty boy in Bleach. So yeah.

  2. O yeah?? Which one??
    I just know that...
    Poor Jun. lol


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