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Sep 25, 2008

Talk About Code Geass

Ahh…. This week is turn 24 Already… Just once more turn to finish all of those damned mystery..^^;
Oh well, I just thought that this last two turn is not as glorious as the first season’s last episode that was gloriously being watched by soo many curious people all over the world. And the first season’s last episode was being made a special event, wasn’t it?? So, a big different can be seen here and I realize it too….

Well, as a big anime that has so many loyal fan in this world, Code Geass is really a success anime produced by SUNRISE. Its original story, really good graphic animation quality, and a twisted mystery made them stand in the top for these 2 years. If you read my past post about animage grand prix, or about animage chara chart, you’d see Geass is the most voted one. Their anime character, music, and seiyuu is being favorited by many people now. Started from season one, to this R2 season.

As a big fan of Code Geass here, I also feel their power. XD But I feel odd with their recent episode. It seems that it was a little bit quickened. All of the built mystery is just revealed in just a short time. It doesn’t make me satisfied at all. This season also has no cd drama on it.(doesn’t it?) Another thing was that this last episodic season doesn’t awaken their fans curiousness like they do in their last season ( make them wait a little longer for the next episodes, and make the last 2 episodes aired together). Well, I think, if they do a little curious moment like that, maybe it would give another surprise point. XD And once more, their super twisted story is really twisted me at first! XD Furthermore, as a non-English daily user, I got sucked for the hard language meaning that was subbed. It makes me to watch them twice. XD

But in the top of all of that, I salute them to provide us in a great anime like Code Geass. Their slipped moral message is sent well.( even, it was so twisted. ^^’) Dunno if there’s anime that can beat CG story. And I happy to watch Code Geass. The best anime-ever, eh??

Anyway, do you feel the same as me??
Or do you have something to say about CG???
If so, leave a comment please… ^^’


  1. I has hate Gayass and I hates Gayass now and Lelouch should marry Suzaku and live happily ever after. Gayass is a trainwreck!

    Also Schneizel is almost eternally gay.

  2. Gayass, lol XD
    Why do you related them as gay?? XD

    Well, everyone has their own interest,eh?? ^^

  3. i have yet to see R2. but i very much liked R1! i am looking forward to watching it though ^^

  4. I haven't watched the second season yet either, but I will as soon as it airs here, which will probably be next month. But the series is awesome! It reminds me of Death Note + Gundam. XD

  5. The ending is just wtf, they render spoilers useless.

    btw, if you don't speak english (and not japanese neither), what is your primary language? 中文?

  6. @ K And Sanjo-chan
    Wow.. I just can't believe that you both haven't watch it.... However, you're in a big country such Japan, their own produced Country.. XD

    But hey, it's true, R1 is good either.. ^^


    Nani?! Have you watch the final?!

    My primary language is Indonesian.. ^^ I'm purely Indonesian people.. ^^

    Shocked?? XD


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