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Sep 3, 2008

What's Up?! Michiko to Hactchin - New Anime in Fall

Michiko to Hatchin

Being Success in their Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy, Manglobe continue their third project with work on their new anime titled Michiko to Hachin. The background is on a poor country, that is surrounded by dessert. Hachin, a girl who escape from her cruel step-parent, meet Michiko, a sexy singer who just‘ve escaped from a super-guarded prison. Michiko who habitual to stand alone in her life, join with Hachin to continue their adventure, in order to seek for a freedom.

Michiko to Hachin is directed by Sayo Yamamoto. As the chara-design, they trust in Hiroshi Shimizu, while in mecha design is handled by Shigeto Koyama.

What will this anime be??
Is it good enough?? Once more anime in watch list.. ^^;


  1. sounds interesting. i'll keep a lookout for it ^^

  2. Try your best and don't ever miss it!! ^^


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