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Sep 2, 2008

Naruto Chapter 414

After getting a hard crash with the Hachibi, Sasuke is in the critical condition now. The Help of Juugo makes him recovered, but Juugo himself is becoming a kid after giving his chakra to Sasuke!

Meanwhile, the mad hachibi doesn't give them any mercy. A super powerful beam is heading into Sasuke and friend, but, Suigetsu is protecting them and inhilated by the beam....

Sasuke's loss make him to use a special weapon beneath the Mangekyoushi Sharingan...!!

In the other place, Naruto is nearly finished his training....

What will happen to Eagle team??
Can they face the great hachibi??
Can NAruto Finish his training?
The Battle still begin!

Download Naruto Ch. 414


  1. It's a cool blog! The black BG makes some deep,mysterious feeling. As Code Geass. Anyway, actually I hope Sasuke die in next chapter. He's to fool to live. If he not turn back to a good person, better if he die! Great job!

  2. Thank you very much.. ^^
    Unfortunately, He's to lucky to die for... Still alive.. Waiting for being killed by raikage.. ^^


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