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Oct 14, 2008

D. Gray Man Ch.175 Review

Yeah. I have not giving a review of D. Gray Man recently. Busy is the only source for my apologize.. ^^; But, now, i'll get them reviewed, from the chapter, It's getting hotter!!

Here Youw Gooowww...!!

In their search for Phantom Thief G, the Black Order finally can sense the smell of the G. But, what're they heading for is an Orphan ahead. Yeah, surely there is an Innocence user ahead the building. While they're entering the building, they're welcoming with a bad luck. ^^; a kid with a jewel in the forehead is hitting Allen and make him bleeding In the head. Lol

Allen started to speak weirdly with his flesh opened and bleed comes through it. Apparently, it wasn't Allen, but the Boy! Yeah, Phantom the Thief G is the boy. The Boy is known to have an ability to move to the other's body.
The owner of the orphan says that the boy named Timothy was forced to eat a jewel in order to hide it from the police who hunt him for the stealing of that Jewel. But then the Jewel appear on his forehead. Yeah, that probably was the Innocence.

Coz of that issue, Black Order want to take Timothy to the HQ. But Timothy refuse it. While that problem happen, another Problem heading them... The lever 4 AKUMA is gonna be attacking them wholely and Vanish them....

Can Allen and Friends face the level 4 AKUMA??
What will Timothy do with this problem????


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